bear vs man 2 or arctic circle...or maybe a yyj h3x?

wondering which would be a better choice ???

what do you like in a throw?

I have a summit, and love it, the only thing is its a little floaty. ive heard these are both pretty solid throws so that’s what led me to them.

Get the bvm2 its solid and a competition ready monster, Arctic circle is more of a acquired taste

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just wondering, what do you mean by acquired taste?

its fast, plays heavy, cant do finger spins well due to its convex face, and almost undersized. While the Bear vs. man round 2 is more of a universal choice for a solid yoyo. Its fast plays at a decent weight and has a decent face for finger spins. While the arctic circle has a 50% satisfaction with player preferences the bvm2 has 98% (2 out of 100 dont like it).

BvM 2 is the better choice.

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oh I get what you mean, thanks