Bvm Round 2 comes out tomorrow. Who's getting one?

Similar camp. Not too excited about the current colorways.

Plus I need to buy a black Summit first :slight_smile:

I’m still picking up a Summit, but from what I’ve heard from a few people who were at Cal states, they tried the BvM2 and the Summit and preferred the BvM2. Mine comes today, so I’ll throw up a quick review of it if I get some free time later this afternoon.



I bought a BvMr2 at CalStates. A friend, who is on this forum, bought a Summit. I played the Summit before the BvMr2.

Preferences aside, snobbery, whatever, I’m not buying a Summit because I don’t buy collabs. Keep in mind I really like OD and CLYW. A LOT!!! That’s not saying I don’t want to try and play them, because I do. The Summit was absolutely amazing, smooth, just enough floaty to keep it at my speed and an amazing well-done yoyo that MUST be made in decent quantity to ensure everyone who wants one gets one. These are really amazing. Considering the time from concept to packaging/sale was less than a week, this are not the results you’d expect from such a short period of work. Yes, they are in fact that good.

Do I like the BvMr2 over the Summit? Well, I bought one, but what does that say? This yoyo is fast and has little resemblance to the original BvM. What it says is that I bought one. Do I like it? Yes I do. I think the Summit is a better fit for me though as it’s slower.