If you could only pick one of the new CLYWs, which would you pick?

Ain’t no body got time for $8.50 shipping…


I would agree, any idea why they are not being sold here anymore?


CLYW makes more money selling directly.

And supposedly its a 1-2 person business and its easier to sell directly.

And, some people have come to a conclusion that they aren’t making enough money and need to sell directly.

Cool thanks, it makes sense I think, and I would not want to see them go out of business like Spyy did.

Both the Arctic Circle 2nd Expedition and Gnarwhal 2 are 65 grams :slight_smile:

They didn’t make a profit on the Yeti. Probably lost money.

That being said, they’re probably going to be making a good bit more now that they’re released.

It’s not that they’re not making good money b/c trust me, they ARE. It’s that they can make MORE money by cutting out the middle man. It probably doesn’t cost more than a few grand to make a run of around 100 yoyo’s and if they sell at an average of $130, that’s $13 grand. They probably make anywhere from around 7-10 grand profit on a run of 100. Employees have to get paid and being a sponsor cost money and I guess they have a warehouse they work out of that cost money but when I just think about it, I would think there’s making money hand over fist. If they make around 13 G’s on a run of 100 think about selling 200-300. I don’t know their production numbers but if they’re selling 200-300 over the course of a month, you’re talking some pretty big money. That would be getting up to around $30,000-$40,000. That’s not all profit, but around 70% would be. This is just all me thinking out loud. I could be completely wrong. I would think it would be hard for most yoyo company’s to make good money on making yoyo’s, but for CLYW, who is established and could make a run of dog $hit yoyo’s and call them the stinky pickle or something and all the kids would HAVE to have them. Really anything CLYW makes is going to sell.

I suspect that even when selling direct that they profit substantially less than 70% per yoyo.

Also I’m really surprised that so few of these new releases are sold out. Only 2 Yeti colors and 28s/BBB AC2 last time I checked. Maybe this run was really big but I would’ve thought a lot more would be sold out by now.

Let’s not pretend we know the numbers when we don’t. Suffice it to say, Chris is doing his best to make sure he can make a proper living (to stay passionate, he’s going to have to do more than “scrape by”) so that he can keep doing this. We don’t need to know the numbers if we simply believe what he has told us, which I do.

Not sure why these threads always get derailed into speculation about CLYW’s business model. Answer the darned question: if you could pick one, which would you pick?

I’ll reiterate: I’d go for the Puffin 2. :wink:

haha did not mean to do that ;). Although, I am thankful for the information because I did not know the story. And also to reiterate I would go for the AC2!

Man, whatchasayin?

First off, a warehouse? For real?

Its not what you think…

CLYW/Chirs designs a yoyo and has it made at a machine shop, then assembles at his HOUSE (aka, The Caribou “lodge”) and then sells them/ships them…

He does not store them in a warehouse, he stores them in his boiler room lol…

He pays his employes? You mean himself, his wife, and Charles Haycock (maybe Jensen Kimmit as well)…

Its not a big operation. Him and his family plus Charles do it all for the most part.

To answer the question in the OP…I’m not sure. After I buy them all and play them for a while I’ll be able to answer the question much more easily!

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Of course I don’t know the exact numbers and I didn’t say I did, that’s why I said I could be completely wrong. I was really just meaning for the numbers to be approximate and the only reason I even wrote anything about any numbers at all is because someone said something about CLYW having to sale direct now b/c they were losing money or something along those lines. I meant for it to be more like a "If there were this many yoyo’s made and they retail at an avg. of $135, that’s a lot of money. But if I wanted to write every little thing I thought in terms of how much money I thought CLYW made, I could had, because I can write whatever I want to write.
What’s the deal with acting like I said negative things about Chris and CLYW? Do you do that just so you can sound like a hero? I didn’t say one negative thing about CLYW, as a matter of fact, all I said was I think they make good money. So it’s bad to say that I think that CLYW does well business wise? Isn’t that the goal? You just said it yourself in that he’s doing his best to make a proper living and needs to do more than “scrape by”. I know your reasoning for saying it was different, but you still said it. You said it so that hopefully Chris would come across this thread and see your little post and think you were taking up for him. He’s just a person and CLYW is just a company and a yoyo is just a freaking toy. You speak of Chris like he’s some kind of God or like he’s the leader of your cult or something. I’m so sorry for assuming that CLYW makes a lot of money, that was terribly wrong of me and from now on, I’ll never speak of CLYW’s “business model” again.
And you can “answer the darn question” and I’ll write whatever it is that I want to write. Quit going around and acting like a power tripping forum monitor. I know it makes you feel good to try and bully someone from behind your keyboard, but it makes you look like a d.bag.

I didn’t mean warehouse as in a huge, 30,000 square foot building, I meant where ever he does his business stuff. And for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t even matter what I called it. I was naming things that cost money for him, so when I said warehouse, I was just putting a label on the place he works from that has power and running water and things like that that cost money.
And what’s the problem with me putting his employees down when making a list of costs for him? So Charles Haycock and Jensen Kimmit don’t work for CLYW? Oh, that’s right, they do. So therefore, they get paid. I even know of at least one member here that runs errands for Chris and gets yoyo’s in return. That could count as cost as well, b/c yoyo’s aren’t free. Try again.

What just happened? :wink:

I think you’ll discover I have no power… whatsoever… not powertripping, that’s for sure! Although “acting like a d.bag” may be how you interpret what I said.

I honestly didn’t even reply to YOU directly. And I have no interest in being a hero. Don’t see how suggesting we stay on topic and that we acknowledge that none of us truly understand the business model is “bullying” other than maybe you took it personally (it wasn’t… I wasn’t even replying to a particular person) and your feelings were hurt. Sorry about that. But your feelings being hurt doesn’t equate to someone else being a “bully”, and that’s a pretty harsh accusation to level at somebody. And actually, though I feel you’re overreacting, it makes me feel bad (not good) that someone perceives themselves to be the victim of bullying due to something I wrote. That sucks.

I am not even particularly a fan of CLYW exclusively though I loooove my Puffin. Most of my yoyos are not CLYW… if anything, I am known as kind of a SPYY fan. What I AM a bigger fan of is common sense, which is why I tend to stick my nose in sometimes when I smell a bit of “fertilizer” being spread around. I’ll own that weakness… it probably doesn’t make me the greatest person in the world, but just as you are claiming the right to do, I will claim the right to be myself and write what I’m feeling.

As if yoyo manufacturing was rocket science. There’s a reason why every day a new yoyo manufacturer is announced and it’s not just b/c they love yoyo’s.

CLYW has one employee on staff - Charles. The entire business operates out of Chris’s house. Chris pays fair prices to his artists, which says a hell of a lot about his character in a world where even huge corporations try to snake free art by hosting “contests” with shitty contracts that cut off any future revenue streams to the artists who win. Or straight up ask for free art by promising “exposure” in exchange.

Both I and all of you have no idea of the overall profit of any specific Return-top made by CLYW because it VARIES. Signatures have royalties paid out to the sponsored pro, Return-tops with art have commissions paid out to the artists who do them. There are cost every step of the way in ANY business. And when you factor in the hours put in, it gets even harder.

I’m an artist - I’m lucky to have a very manageable overhead, and low start up costs. However, I still have to spend a few thousand a year in tech and supplies. My biggest overhead is hours. I generally charge a flat rate for work (with limited rights to the images I create to keep the cost manageable to a client), and if a job spirals out of control I can end up making less than minimum wage on it.

Don’t speculate on something you don’t do, because you’re going to be wrong.