CLYW: Big Changes

Purely for those unawares:

[From the CLYW Blog]

(Dont forget guys, linking the CLYW blog and/or site is a breach of forum rules until the store shuts down.)

Times a-changin. At least it means we’ll get some stock back in our UK store. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting that Gambit, I’m not so sure I would have seen it otherwise. The choice was always his anyway, but I think he couldn’t have made a better business decision. All at once, he made a great decision for family, for CLYW, and his customers.

I wish him the best of luck, and plan to show my support. I’m happy to see everything will be back at YoyoExpert. :slight_smile:

Interesting and surprising. I’ll miss the favorable exchange rate but I won’t miss waiting 10 business days to get my purchase.

Guess all the 14 year old economic experts that thought Chris had to be a multimillionaire from selling return tops didn’t quite have it right.

I think it’s a good result. CLYW still stays around under Chucks direction, Chris gets to escape the stress and the endless Yeti-construction and do something new and exciting, and all our favourite stores get to re-stock CLYW’s again. :slight_smile:

Here’s to you Chris. You did well.

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He dropped plenty recently too with the Yeti, Arctic Circle2, Puffiin2, Bonfire, Gnarwhal2, string, holders, tons of hats (apparel) and the list goes on. So, he is deserving of a break. All the greats know when to delegate. I used to think, if you want something done right…you do it yourself. But, that’s not always the case, and I learned the hard way.

I agree…well done. Yeah Chris, no pressure of course, but when is CLYW titanium coming out? :smiley: Just starting trouble. :wink:

Agree with TA, CLYW has been on a rampage lately. I obviously haven’t the slightest clue if Chris planned to go back to part time before or after the decision to sell the initial 2014 lineup directly, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if doing so resulted in a massive burn out. That is a ton of hard work for a couple guys in a short period of time.

I hope that people don’t rush to believe the worst gloom and doom thinking that CLYW is going to go under or something insane. I don’t remember exactly when Chris went full time with CLYW to begin with but I do know that in my humble opinion, the best that CLYW has ever had to offer came while it was a part time thing for him. Peaks and Marmots and Bassalopes, oh my.

Interesting statement. We can agree that if the options are to go back part time, or check out like SPYY…this is certainly a win/win for him and his fans. Creating great yo-yos should be a release from stress, not the cause of it. This just feels…right. :slight_smile: Good news!


So, does this mean YYE will get restocks on all the new CLYWs as well as the older ones?

All the 2014 line (apart from a few Puffin 2’s) are sold out. Any further runs of any model from when the store shuts down in a week or so will presumably go to YYE and other stores.

Time to lobby for a YoyoExpert Edition Chief for the next run. 8)

That is great news! Although it was not really an inconvenience to buy it at their store, but this will mean easier shipping and better availability for everyone. Go CLYW!

Indeed. For a long time I was a strict “if you want something done right, do it yourself” kind of person like you mentioned earlier, but years of doing “it” yourself is really taxing, especially when there are a lot of “its”. I’m sure that doing CLYW stuff full time was really stressful and time consuming, although I’m sure it was also very satisfying as well.

Looking forward to what CLYW has to offer for the rest of 2014 and in the years to come. Hoping to see another undersized yoyo from them one day. HINT HINT

So, wait… does this mean CLYW is no longer restocking or manufacturing?

I hope when Chuck’s signature gets made (inevitable, right?) nobody thinks it’s because he’s the main man now. :wink:

Give Chuck a signature throw!

Who ever said massive burnout deserves a cookie! Haha

We are basically going back to how things were last year with only shipping to stores. I will be guiding the ship in the background and Chuck will be doing all the fun stuff.


No! We will still continue manufacturing and stocking. Read my post again please :slight_smile:

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Good luck with everything Chris!!! I hope your new endeavors go well for you!! And as always I look forward to buying more CLYW yoyo’s and following the progress of CLYW moving forward!!!

Good luck Chris!

You have been an inspiration to me!

Just finished reading the post on the CLYW site and saw that this topic is booming. Good luck Chris and I hope only the best comes to you this year and for many more a year after this.

Haha, wanted to say that I wish for more throws that look and feel like the first models like the Bassalope, BvM, and Peak. Something small, but not campfire small, and slim, like BvM slim.
Haha, just wanted to throw ideas out XD.

I like it!