Jensen kimmitt quit clyw! (again)

He posted on his tumblr that he quit clyw and is starting his own company

little scrappy fetus yoyos say what? lol


I had to quit following him, I like him a lot more as a yoyo guy who rocks it. I became friends on his Facebook and read his “personal” thoughts that he sends out and it is a little too whacked out for me. I know some people like to be vulgar and crude and think they are funny and all that, but to me that is someone screaming out for attention or not educated enough to make real conversation. (I’d like to believe it is the first) I’ll stick to liking Jensen the amazing yoyo player who I think is simply amazing and stay away from the personal blogging, face booking, vile humor and filth talking Jensen, not really the role model I think YoYo’ing is looking for. :slight_smile:


He left thinking of Chris. Not himself. He left because of all the bad YYF crap that is going on and didn’t want to bring that to CLYW.

I have my finger on the lock button so if anyone gets out of line…BAM!

I can vouch for him that he can make real intelligent conversation. but it’s the internet… If it really offends you just leave.

Which is why I said “or” and did leave. I was mostly commenting on dynikus’ post. i stand behind him being an amazing player.

Doesn’t really surprise me. I’m not an avid follower of Jensen. I can’t say I dislike him.

He started with CLYW and he seems to understand what that meant. Then a split, a quick stint with YYF, then another split, then back to CLYW for another short stay. His overall appearance at Worlds 2011 in my opinion, he seemed a bit, well, not “all there”, as if he’s perhaps recreating in a chemical way on the side.

Reading some of his other stuff, he just seems a bit lost right now. Doesn’t surprise me. He’s at that age. On the positive side of this, he is quite clearly not angry with anyone. He’s not taking some position that some company wronged him or angered him, he’s just making his own decisions. He doesn’t say what his business venture will entail. Maybe it will be yoyo, maybe it will be street fashion/style. Maybe urban art based on the CLYW Canvas stuff.

This should be interesting to see where this goes. Change can be good.

After they made the Canvas too… Lol

S’all good.

I’ve recently connected with Jensen (couple weeks or so) and I have to say he is one of a kind. I understand wanting to stop following him, but he just does his thing. Let him talk, get used to his brand and it just makes sense. He wants nothing but the best for the art of yoyo. Right now you practically get an instant response from him on FB. That’s pretty cool. The kid knows business ( he would never agree with that:)). Any company related issues should, and hopefully will, be out of sight out of mind soon. New yoyos and tricks are what we should be looking forward to.

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I think its real cool what he’s doing. Leaving CLYW out of respect for Chris. I think that he’s a great player and it should be really interesting what happens with his new company. Personally i think his tumblr blogs are interesting, (if not a bit crude sometimes) but like Jake said once you get used to his humor its pretty hilarious. He’s just kinda an interesting guy, and you dont see all this much in the yoyo community. And personally i think his 2011 worlds freestyle was way better than 2010, i liked that artsy flowing freestyle. It was rad, and different.

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I agree about his 2011 performance. I absolutely loved it and thought it was even better than his 2010 as well. I spoke with someone who is “in the know” and was told that Jensen knew what he was doing, but not sure why he did what he did. Not sure if that makes sense but the reason why he lost is that he only did 2 and a half minutes instead of 3 minutes and lost 30 seconds worth of points, that is why he finished so far down. But the person I was speaking to about this also told me that he believe Jensen did that on purpose though knowing that would happen but was trying to make a statement. Nobody I guess really knows what that was about or who it was for or any of that, but I still thought it was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see what he has for the future. I hope he doesn’t stop competing.

You made my point!!!

If presented with the opportunity to be a role model, I don’t think one is obligated to take up that role – especially if it means having to change who you are.

A far as vile, “naughty,” humor goes, that kind of stuff is right up my alley :slight_smile:

I have only started reading his blog about a week ago. I took time and read older post.

I like JK the guy on the stage. The same guy that wowed me on Youtube and made me want to try to learn how to do this stuff. I don’t “get” stuff he post on the blog and blogs (especially his…lol) I consider more personal life. I would rather keep those 2 things separate.

(Note: Not comparing him to Michael here.)

I really like Michael Jackson the Entertainer but what I did see of the personal life I did not. I thought he made some very poor decisions but he could put on a stage show though.

I am also not the type to watch the reality shows. I got enough going on in my life that I dont have the need to see someone elses.

I dunno. Maybe the parents curse is catching up to me now. You know the one: “You will understand us when you get older” :smiley:

So, whatever he does, wish him success and I want to see him back on stage with the will to just kill it like he did in 2010.

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I think you all should stop worrying about this and resume playing with the toy that we all know and love.

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I think he WAS trying to make a statement with that freestyle. He knew exactly what he was doing, i dont think it was because he had an altered state of mind or anything like that. I think he’s trying to bring the art back into yoyoing and show that its not just about who can do the fastest or craziest freestyle. Its about the art of it.

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Jensen seems like a really smart guy. He’s real and blogs his life. He is allowed to do that as most of us do as well. He speaks the truth and YYF wanted to hide it (IMO). He is an icon so people like to lock any thread about him for personal reasons. I am not talking about this forum/YYE. Jens is definitely the biggest “pillar” our community has. YYF (IMHO) has not acknowledged that or pretends to ignore this. They took it on a personal level and acted like children, again IMHO. He delt with it on his OWN BLOG and got attacked on a personal level on his Canadian Thanks Giving. WOW. Are you kidding me? YYF seriously just wanted to take away any fame or glory he has. It won’t work. Total Yomega move.

There is drama everywhere, all over this board… In any message board. Many other boards. I don’t know why people act so surprised when it happens. Or make a comment to just keep throwing and ignore the drama. Do you think that will work? It’s everywhere. It’s just funny how when Jensen is brought up something gets deleted. I think that just shows how much he runs this ish.

edit: I made sure to follow all the rules on this post.

'I got a message from Ben on FB regarding a comment I posted on YYF’s facebook wall saying…

“The final straw however came when Jensen made direct personal threats against employees of YYF. We wish him the best whatever personal turmoil he is going through but do not want any involvement in it.”

I don’t remember Jensen mentioning any YYF Employee/Sponsored Player let alone threatening them. Maybe there are things going on behind the scenes that we don’t really know about…We just get to see what happens on the outside