Jensen x Bobby Fischer?

 Does anybody know why Jensen's decided on disabling all of his accounts for everything. Twitter, Facebook, and his Youtube account are gone. This kinda reminds me of what Bobby Fischer did, where he became the world champion of something and after that, just dissapperaed. Anything?

Yeah, I just realized that too after you posted this. I suspect he quit yoyoing. It’s kind of weird, I wonder why.

He better quit, because no ones ever gonna get first place.

Haha, just kidding. But if he did quit, it’s more reasonable to focus on your job rather than yoyoing.

NOOOOOO, Now i only have 1 follower on twitter… darn :frowning:

I saw somewhere he quit YYF because he wanted to get back to the fun of yoyoing instead of the company aspect etc. He just put up a new video so I don’t think he quit yoyoing. Maybe he is going to quit competing. I think this shows you can’t really make a living off of being the best thrower in the world…maybe. Check his blog.

actually his website is down…

Well that probably means he quit now. Too bad, at least he’s doing what he wants.

yeah hes probably done. Or not. Only he knows.

A real pro can make a decent income, if they want it.

Jensen made a facebook, a new facebook that is titled “Jensen non yoyo version kimmitt”. he said in a driect status post

good for him. get back to a regular life.

Haha, look at his inspirations…

Bobby Fischer
Good for him let him do his thing.

Also found this.
“About Jensen Most people know me because I won the World Yo-Yo Championships in 2010. I’m more than just that person though.”

Wow maybe Jensen did quit and if he did I call I get his skills


Who cares?



how much a year?

He didn’t quit yoyoing at all. He’s just exploring the rest of his life now.

now i like that.
i guess everyone just expect him to be the next legend in yoyo world like steve brown or hiroyuki.
we just forget how simple he is.