jensen kimmit

I knoticed yyf has not gotten rid of jensen from the team list

I also havenoticed that yyf hasn’t put gentry or any other new players it’s kinda disrespectful.

What are your thoughts?

He left?

My thoughts are that they have a lot more to do than to worry about incoming and outgoing players, and that no disrespect is meant.

Yyf definitely has some updating to do, for example the northstar isn’t even on the product page.

I heard they coat their yoyos in babies blood…

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what the…?

thats kinda disturbing…

yeah, he rejoined clyw if I’m not mistaken
and I heard they’re taking his name off the northstar eventually.

Bwahahaha… I literally LOL’d at this.

I’m pretty sure Team YoYoFactory is too busy having fun DOMINATING EVERY CONTEST AND MAKING DOPE YOYOS to care to much about keeping a perfectly updated website

I think that if they want to update their page they will. They probablly have so many new throwers on the team that there isnt enought time to do a bio on them because by the time all of them are done. 10 more peolple will be on the team. So they just focus on producing great yoyo’s and keeping their title. As far as Jensen goes, I actually agree with leaving. I love YYF and always willl but there are just too many people. And if I had the chance to be sponsored by a team who makes AMAZING yoyos and comes from my home place I would take it because honestly. Would you want to be in a sponsorship with 40 other peoplee or a nice team with maybe 10-15 people without all of the traveling. But as far as the webpage goes. They have WAY more things to be taking care of instead of a website.

Agreed. I would do the same thing.

well you know YYF never updates there site. i mean it still says COMING SOON for the loop 900

Oh and Jensen’s on the home page.

I think yyf is just lazy to leave a site unchanged for that long? It’s not that hard to remove and add players. And if the bio is to much work that can easily say coming soon

Y’know, I understand that YYF may be busy with other things, but isn’t it someone’s job to be the web developer for YYF? I don’t think it’d be THAT time consuming to remove someone who isn’t on their company so they can stop feeding off of his “fame”.

Sounds about right.


Agreed. I mean isnt it a job for a major corporation to have a person to design the webpage and keep up with the current events related to it?

Except YoyoFactory isn’t a corporation.

If you record yourself saying yoyofactory over and over again… and then play it backwards…it says, “Satan is my homie”….