What happened to Kimmitt?

I’ve been hearing numerous rumors that Jensen Kimmitt died in a car crash. Is this true? I haven’t really heard anything about him in a while.

The reason you haven’t heard from him is that he decided to remove himself from the yoyo scene for personal reasons. Some people know more of the details than others, but that’s what it is.

I don’t know about the car crash and never heard that but it sounds like a rumor to me.

I’ll second this quandary of Jensen.

sounds like a horribly skewed rumour, based off of what was probably a bad joke.

Last I heard, he was getting little scrappy fetus crew back on its feet. This was a few months ago though.

I heard “stuff” about fetus as well but I looked into it and didn’t see any new anything from him. Like I think it’s still the crew but I think it’s the crew minus a Jensen. I would love to see him come back for my selfishness of seeing my favorite player again although I don’t plan on it. If you’ve ever read up on his exit from yyf it really explains quite alot and makes you realize that it’s just a toy.

He’s not dead, he’s just done yoyoing publicly/competitively

That’s what I figured. Is there any reliable source for Jensen right now like what he’s up to or if he still throws or is still producing. Anything?

All contact with jensen has been lost. Facebook: gone. Email: not happening. Telephone: Puh-lease!

His facebook is still up and it’s named Jon Emmerson but he’s not posted in a very very long time, I’ve seen him lurking a couple times, though.

Man it’s rough. He had a really rough time and got used and seems like it’s much darker and deeper than what we all know but I would be surprised if we see him again. He doesnt seem like the one that you can convince to come back for any reason either. It’s really weird to think about his whole scene tho because I whole heartedly believe that the way he played could have revolutionized the whole movement that is yo-yoing.