Jensen Kimmitt?

Did he go back to caribou lodge?

I think he just left again but I am not sure.

I can’t speak for the accuracy of this or anything.


Lol, is it inaccurate? I don’t follow performers, but that’s what comes up when you google his name.

I think the facepalm is referring to all the people who keep asking about jensen, and won’t just let the man live his life


Somebody dislikes Jensen, and is a troll…
from the above wiki link…
“Jensen Kimmitt’s blog is now gone and his Facebook account has been deleted. Apparently, Kimmitt’s new found passion is being a bitter, reclusive butt kicker, since Tyler Severance stole his gf”
Da heck is this garbage…Tyler has better manners than that…He would at ask first.
Sorry, I know people need to leave the man alone. I’m trying. But he’s such a cool guy. But to answer the original q, I do think he is now solo.

The yoyo world just got a million times weirder and more complicated for me.

Me too.

The end.
Now it’s better.