Jensen kimmitt (please veiw everyone)


Im doing a speech for speech class on jensen. and I would appreciate some info. like when he was born, where he was born, contest results 2008 or prior. I know his sidg yoyo’s and sponsership info and contests 2009 and 2010. please help with this info. and thanks.

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Look on the


didnt think of that, thanks


Lots of info there.
“Yo, I’m Jensen Kimmitt. I’ve been yo-yoing for over thirteen years, I hold Championship titles in three continents and I am currently one of the top ranked single hand yo-yo players in the world.”

Stuff like that, and much more. Plus you could always ask him yourself - he has facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You might also want to talk about his art as well.

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Most definitely, plus why don’t you straight up interview him? I am almost certain he doesn’t bite.


wat happened to Google ???


Because yoyoing is so small, google doesn’t care