looks like he’s back?

(just sharing this video, I am not associated with the lsfc in any way)


I just posted this video, I feel the same way as you.


whoops! I just noticed that, sorry :frowning:


It’s cool! Jensen deserves way more than two posts!


Oh, I hope he’s back! He’s fantastic to watch.





When I saw “Jensen Kimmit is back everyone!”, my first reaction was “How DARE you lie to me…”

I am so sorry for not having faith.

Let’s just hope there is much more to come.



haha, i felt the same way when i watched the video. I was like, "do my eyes deceive me?!?!)


Can’t wait for more. :slight_smile:


I am in shock right now.


All we can do is wait now. I really hope he is back and this wasn’t just a result of his boredom.




Looks like the northstar wasn’t cheap enough for him to win worlds with, now he’s at it with a wooden yoyo :smiley:

(SR) #14




I can hardly do that on a $100 metal. ._.
But it’s a great day when jensen returneth!


He made it himself.

(SR) #18


(laxdude99) #19

who did you hear this from?


LSFC hasn’t put out really anything since the announcement of them returning. This made me pretty excited.