Jensen Kimmit Knows so well.

If you really love to throw you need to watch.

Um… well, yeah. I guess Earthly possessions are fleeting. And you can’t move on to new goals or horizons if you dwell too long on the past.

But, does throwing a yoyo really have to be so deep?

I mean beyond the depth of that river?

Jensen…there is nothing he can’t make funny

Funny? I guess I didn’t get it. Oh well.

I don’t think it was suppose to be funny

I thought it was, mostly because I couldn’t hear it

Jensen knows how to get people to watch his videos.

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Mainly because it’s Jensen

I get what he’s saying, still seems kind of dumb to me if that really was the world’s yoyo.

doubt that was the real one. If it was then that’s pretty ridiculous considering he could have signed it and charity auctioned it.

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Talking about beating the dead horse

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Well, you never know.
Besides, he may have meant the type of yoyo he used to win worlds.
And knowing Jensen, it probably was the one he used :smiley:
Oh, and…
Ima gunna ron out der and get tat yoyo

There was a lot of stuff going on when he was with yyf.

Read if you want.

It was the yoyo he used, and it doesnt matter. It is his and he can do what he wants. He can do what he wants just because hes Jensen! And if you had to deal with life and what he went through with yoyofactory, the yoyo would not be a good thing. Either way, its just a yoyo. Just imagine, in 20 years, every yoyo you bought, every shoes you had, and phone you waited in line for, is nothing.

Some deep stuff.


It’s not just a yoyo. It symbolizes something significant in the hobby that many people care about. The point he was making relied entirely on the fact that you understand it’s not just a yoyo.

I personally think throwing that yoyo into the river is just as likely to inspire admiration as it is annoyance. You do have to consider that, because the community is in no small way responsible for giving players like Jensen a place to shine on a world stage, the “ownership” of something significant like this becomes a little hazier than simply a lump of plastic in Jensen’s dresser. If nothing else, it had value which could have done more good than getting a couple thousand hits on Youtube.

Once again its his yoyo. And I dont want to start a fight, but if you think about it, it is A yoyo. And whatever you think it could have “Done for the community” he won it, not us. Thats like buying a little league trophy on ebay. If you want to feel special for having something that was one in a contest(Or world championship) you should earn it not buy it on an ebay auction for 200$

Once again, I thought about it, and I still think you’re wrong. Now you’re making some point about the absurdity of fandom that I can’t even comprehend.

“Whatever I think it could have done” would include selling it to a fan and donating the proceeds to charity. Yeah, what a lame thing to do. Better it be thrown into a river.

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Not saying the river is doing it much good, but really, if you went through a horrible time with a company, depression and “substances” would you want 12 year olds begging for the yoyo saying" Well you dont yoyo much ill give you 200$ bro!", nope. And lets not lie to ourselves, would that do any good for any charity? A cracked 30 dollar yoyo, with probably 20 thousand others in the world. Its like throwing away half a cheeseburger and saying kids in africa would eat that raw. Maybe but, would it ever get their? No.