moments that make you wanna cry.

doing 5a with a trigger then hitting it with a counter weight and a weight ring rolling out then down into the sewer.

yoyo in public and see a little kid grab your fg chief that had stock super long string and only realize he had it when you hear the ding it.

teacher takes yoyo and wont return to end of year.

Throwing on offstring by a creek then watching yourself miss a whip and have it roll off into the water.

My first ding ever which took place about half a second after I threw my first all metal yoyo (first sleeper with all metal.) :frowning:

what yoyo was it??

I actually forgot about my DM2 (which isn’t all metal) but the yoyo I was referring to was the Superwide.

first throw on my friends entheos… ding in on my ZIPPER.

When people whine about dinging their yoyos.


people invest money into them and they might want them to look the very best for how much they paid of course they accept it but let them greive lol

Also, it was not mine. It was my friends and that is why I felt so guilty.

When you accidentally drop a green triangle into a knot :disappointed_relieved:

Same here, but I took a few minutes longer to bang my first metal yoyo (Black DV888) into the edge of my tempered glass computer desk. The desk won.

2011 U.S. National Yoyo Contest Anthony Rojas and Harold Owens III Freestyles
2012 U.S. National Yoyo Contest Zach Gormley Freestyle.

When you throw a yoyo, you full-well know that damage is a possibility.


So is driving a car. People complain and get mad if they crash, so do you get mad at them for doing that? No, you don’t.

When you ding someone’s brand new Klr and are forced to buy a new one for them( happened to a friend). Also being Rojas when they announced first at 2012 nats.

broke through the annoo on my avalanche earlier :confused:

If it’s their fault, and they’re complaining about it, yes I do.

everyone knows the possibility its still slightly sad when it happens to some people.

When you unscrew a yoyo to take out a knot, then when you go to screw the yoyo back together, the threads aren’t aligned properly and half the yoyo flies off to bounce multiple times on the concrete.