Ding stories. Pls write

First sorry for bad writing.My worst ding was when i hit my Puffin onto some stairs corner and some piece of it just flew past me.

Was practicing horizontal with my advance scout and hit something but now there is a huge chip in it

I have a ding story but it’s not family friendly. :wink:

what do you mean :)))

never dinged anything valuable

So I was up in my room practicing a yoyo freestyle and all of a sudden ding and the sound of shatterd glass. And Chunks of glass start falling from the sky. Yea I broke a glass shade on our ceiling fan light.

I’ve shared this story before on another thread but,
One time I was throwing my canvas and made a weird bind. The yoyo shot right up and hit one of my front teeth. The sad part of the story is that I checked the canvas for damage before looking to see if my tooth was chipped (Thankfully it was not). My canvas now has a half millimeter tooth mark on the rim. Still my smoothest throw to date.

I’ve got too many dings to talk about.

I only throw yoyos with counterweights attached. End of story. :slight_smile:

Today I fell. My left hand was scraped really bad from the concrete inlaid with stones. My right hand was fine because luckily I had my Arctic Circle to break my fall.

Ouch! I mean for the yoyo I don’t care about you. Bent axle?

Well… I dinged my good ol’ thing on a string when I was on vacation yoyoig on my balcony. Old string turned into spaghetti string, bit into the response during a particularly lofty suicide, and slammed into the railing, making my “mint SPYY ronin” into a “used SPYY ronin”

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There was the time I lent a total n00b my El Ranchero because his Whip wasn’t giving him enough spin time to struggle through learning a front bind. I just wanted him to feel that success to inspire him to keep going. :wink: After he dinged it I let him keep playing it. Fairly noticeable ding.

Then there was the time I gave my mint condition Krown to a little old lady in the mall and tried to help her throw it. She was short, the string was long. But she had fun! Didn’t find any significant damage.

Then there was the time Alexis JV absolutely slammed my Queen into the ground. I used a weird slipknot at the time and he didn’t notice. Threw it on and just imagined it was attached to his finger properly. Let’er rip and it went PITAAAANNNNG! on the ashphalt and then rolled away down the path. Still plays smooth and has barely a pinprick on it.

Last night I had my Valor in my pocket because I was wearing fleece pyjamas… it was movie night at my kid’s school and he wanted to wear his PJ’s (they’re allowed) and I showed him solidarity by wearing mine, too. Forgot it was in my pocket and as I got out of the car it fell free and dinged against the curb. Small but feelable ding. Continues to look and play great.

My 2.5 yo occasionally grabs a yoyo off a surface (they’re all over my house… it’s my own fault…) and drops it to the hardwood or tile. No major damage yet…

^^ Love dings–each tell a story and help you to realize it’s just a toy to find joy in.

Was showing my cousins my yoyoing skills(:P) on my first metal yoyo, a dv888. Had an old cotton string on it, showed them around the world, string chose to snap right then. I can still hear the DING Ding ding . Other than that, i haven’t had any really bad dings, hit them on concrete and stuff, but they still work fine and i get used to it.

Pitang=best onomatopoeia ever.
If i dare to ask,how old are you.i think that people that started a family and still yoyo are cool.my dad can bind.

Nothing more than a REALLY messed up side. Luckily I was still able to trade that and a beat rally for a mint Space Cowboy.

Ohh not bad

:frowning: Just dinged it today at my club, so sad. Was supposed to drop it into a string but it missed and went down fast

which yoyo was it?