What's your worst ding thread


Comment what your worst ding was and it was so bad?

Was the ding huge, was the yoyo super expensive, was it your favorite yoyo, or did yoyo just get the yoyo.

Comment below.


The first damage ever incurred on a metal yoyo of mine was when I slammed my first 401K into the arm of a desk chair the padding had been ripped off of. Put the gnarliest gash I’ve ever seen on a yoyo into it. Took about three days to file it down smooth so it wouldn’t cut strings or me.


Haven’t had a “bad” one yet-- in terms of depth or destruction of a yoyo. My dings are all the result of kindness (letting people use my throws) or my own willingness to throw any yoyo anywhere even while distracted. :wink:

I do hate the sound of a yoyo hitting ceramic tile with force, though.


Agree with Greg about hitting tile flooring. I don’t want to crack/chip tiles.

Dings don’t bother me unless I mean to sell it. Have had to file down more than one yoyo. After I drop a yoyo playing 5a a couple times, it ceases to matter much to me. I’m not saying I’ll walk the dog with it from then on. I have only had one yoyo that I would consistently walk the dog with and that was a 7075 Superstar (my first yoyo). I kind of regret selling it.


My worst ding was with a new DV888, a throw I was far from good enough to use. I hit a sidewalk so hard the yoyo unthreaded to the point that it split in half and the halves rolled away in different directions and I just stood there with the string hanging from my hand. After a lot of sanding with a very fine grit it still plays near perfect and since I’m no longer concerned to keep it mint it’s my all the time yoyo that I bring everywhere.


It was my first yoyo. I hit a glass light hanging from the ceiling. The glass broke, and The yoyo was scratched or dinged in about 10 different places. Amazingly, the yoyo (classic superstar) is still one of my smoothest yoyos.


When I chucked it at the cement.


Its not really a “worst ding” but I always feel bad when I spark a titanium. I know a guy who buys like 17 1/2 of every yoyo ever, and he has a specific ti just to spark, but its a $450 yoyo and I always feel bad when I spark it lol.


My Summit fell off of my piano and on to a thin piece of metal on my bro’s saxophone case. It put a really sharp ding that I had to file down.


Ding on my Team Edition Superstar… :’( :’(



is this seriously the entire story, because if it isn’t, I really need to hear more :smiley:


Well he threw the yoyo and then… It hit the ground.

(H.J.Fras) #14

pretty much sums it up…



That one really broke my heart. :slight_smile:

(major_seventh) #16

My first two (and only) dings on my Lost Essence.


What is your worst ding


String broke at my first contest and the yoyo slammed right into the side of the stage.


Surprisingly, I never got any really bad or deep ones. But, I went to a club meet once, and I had some yo-yo cases in the trunk of my car. I opened the trunk and grabbed a few throws from a case, but I never zipped it back up. I forgot the case was unzipped and when I removed it from the trunk of my car, and it wasn’t secure. I remember setting the cases on the front stairs when I got home, so I could open the door and get inside. When I turned to open the door, I heard a clank, clank, clank that sounded just like yo-yos going down the stairs haha. I didn’t turn around right away, and braced myself for what I might find. Luckily it was a Cafe Racer, original DiBase and some other inexpensive throw that sustained some minor damage. There were three yo-yos that fell out. You know how I roll, so they had to find a new home after that. They were still smooth, and no major dings, but no longer collector material haha. I still own those models, just not those colors anymore.


So this 3rd grader at school wanted to play with my shutter so first I taught him how to bind. Surprisingly he got it down in 5 minutes so I just let him borrow it for the day so he could impress his friends with picture tricks and whatnot. I told him not to worry if it hit the ground a couple of times since it was my everyday carry and he couldn’t throw with much force anyway. When he gave it back to me the rims were really scratched up so I was like “dude what happened?” and he said “my friends asked if I could walk the dog so I showed them.” At that point I didn’t even want it anymore because now it had lots of vibe and the anodization was all messed up. I ended up just giving it to him because I was getting 3 more yoyos for graduation in a week anyway.
Moral of the story: don’t forget to say “please don’t walk the dog” before handing over your yoyo