First Dings

Thought I’d make a thread about your experience with the first time you ding that new yoyo.

Just dinged my Sebby Peak for the first time. I was doing a combo involving Ice Cream Sandwich and Lotus Bloom and I missed a certain string, sending the yoyo downwards. It hit the outside concrete with a loud smack. Worst feeling ever. Until I thought about how when I got this Peak I said it was meant to be played. I promised myself I wouldn’t baby it, haha.

So post your worst “first” dings, and what you learned. :slight_smile:

I had my first ding recently. A little over a week ago I decided to throw outdoors for the first time. (I usually only throw in my living room over a rug). Luckily it wasnt my favorite yoyo, but I slammed my Maverick on the asphalt. The damage wasnt that bad, but a silver scuff on a solid flat black yoyo looks terrible. Im pretty much over it now but at the time I wanted to murder something. lol.

I also dropped my catalyst a few days ago but luckily there was zero damage. I was doing a ninja vanish and missed, got a potential knot, and decided to take the yoyo off of my finger while it was spinning. Holding it over my brick fireplace, it slipped while I was untying the knot. Loud crash but no damage.

The first time I dinged my first metal

I was at a costco, yoyoing while in line. I threw a bit too low and smacked into the concrete floor. Felt kinda bad for a minute or two, then I got over it. Dings happen. Now I don’t really care if I ding something. Within the first couple days of owning my first fun canvas, I accidentally smacked it into a chair and it didn’t even phase me.

My first ding happened on my first metal, a half blue/half purple Genesis (which I still proudly have…in my car). It was late February, I believe, and I was yoyoing outside in my driveway with my cousin. Being that I live in Northern Michigan, winter can be quite cold. My hands were basically numb so I wasn’t yoyoing all that well. Well something slipped and my brand new Genesis smashed into the concrete. I was heartbroken for a moment. Then I just walked the dog on the cement.

The first ding on a new yoyo is a bitter-sweet moment. Bitter because it’ll never be mint again, sweet because once you get the first ding, you don’t have to worry so much about subsequent dings and you feel freer with the yoyo. I tend to only get dings when I play outside, however it’s still possible to ding a yoyo inside over carpet. I usually end up hitting a doorway or a desk or something and it’ll ding, just not as bad as concrete chews up a yoyo.

I dinged my dv888 up while throwing over concrete one time. A horrible experience, but I could play it everywhere after that. Pretty much what yomorrow said.

I have been yoyoing for years and dont have a single yoyo without a ding the one that hurt the most was the IKYO Agape i love that thing even had it bead blasted after i ding to help fix it wish Icky would do a new of agape i love mine.

Hahaha… that made my day.

I used to worry about dings alot. Especially with my Clyws and other throws like that. But at a certain point I just gave up caring about it. I’m not going to diminish my joy with any given to yoyo because I’m too scared to damage it. I take all my yoyo’s everywhere with me. There isn’t one that I ONLY play over carpet or one that is ONLY my out and about throw. I play them all wherever I go, (and I have some nice throws) And since I quit worrying about it, I noticed that i rarely ding yoyos anymore. They are all in good shape. Ironic. Lol.

i never get upset about dings cuz like… ok so i have some nice yoyos. Dang a wooly markmont the other day bc I decided to throw while drinking. I dont care who you are or what your yoyo is… in about 1-10 years any throw you have will be worth no more than its original value. You also paid for it and what will it tripple in price at most? Enjoy it ;D Anyway nothings perfect. Oh and if your worried that your favorite yoyo yoyo will be destroyed… Dont worry… Odds are that things will advance and they will make a yoyo you like better. Like most people did get over Peaks and realize there are other yoyos out there.

same with me! except that happened to me 2 months ago.

My first ding today (circled below) was on the red CODE1. I was like, “Ahhhhhhh! It’ll never be near mint again! Nooooo!”


I dinged my first chief I bought several months ago. It’s not bad at all and I still love to play it. There was a little sinking feeling at first, but that soon faded. I’ve got a decent amount of clyw’s from the bst that aren’t mint because I don’t mind minor cosmetic damage. They all play great and I take them everywhere. Also, I have some that I try to keep in good condition so it’s a nice little balance of everyday everywhere players and some I throw indoors mostly.


hahaha this made my day

My first real bad ding was with my facade… i pulled it out and my friend said “you yoyo!?”. I said yes and stood up. Im about 6’3" and the ceiling was about 6’5"… i started a trick and missed the string coming around for a trapeze. It kept spinning around like an around the world and shattered the light above my head, spraying glass everywhere in the room and putting a big gash in the yoyo that i had to sand down so it wouldn’t hurt when i bind. other than that im usually pretty careful and dings dont really matter to me.

This made me think why people have low ceilings…

Were you yoyoing in an igloo? ;D

My first metal was a black yomega maverick. It’s rims are basically white thanks to all the dings, scrapes, etc.

I remember how badly I dinged up my Dv888. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been throwing for over a year, and haven’t gotten a single ding or scratch of any kind on any of my throws. But I had a sodablasted IKYO Agape that a kid asked to try at school. He whacked it on the sidewalk, and I had to sand it down so it wouldn’t hurt my hand.