I got tricked.

Today I was bamboozled into doing a walk the dog with my brand new Dv888 on a very scratchy tile floor at school. It has a small ding and a scratch now. >:(

It happens. at least now you can look at the scratches and say “I remember that!”

This and it’s going to get dinged and scratched no matter what. My Dv888 is covered in them, just get used to it and move on.

I’m just bummed because this is my first really nice yoyo. I know I’ll get over it, but for now I’m not happy about it.

Yeah I got a ding in my dv888 by hitting myself in the mouth… dings suck at first but then you’ll get over them. :slight_smile:

No was I when I first dinged a yoyo. But it will turn into a “meh” thing after time. Unless you are one of the materialistic people here, in which case, have fun crying.

A mint yoyo could be anyones. This dinged one is YOURS. Gives it personality

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Yoyos are a toy. Nothing more. There is no need to get all worked up about a ding.

Unless you have some awesome platinum coated, diamond studded, nuclear powered yoyo, a ding and a scratch really isn’t that big of a deal.

The first scratch is the hardest. I freaked the first time I hit my shiny purple Raptor against the concrete. I just put another huge ding on it the other day and i was just like, oh well, at least you can tell I use it.

And, when someone tells you to walk the dog, do a grind instead.

How exactly did you get “bamboozled”?..

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Just be glad you didn’t accidentally ding up a mint 1/11 BA hatrick. :frowning:

Oh well, whatevs. :slight_smile: Like I said, be glad it you dinged a relatively inexpensive yoyo. :slight_smile:

you should see my dv888…

I’m sorry, where in my post did I get “all worked up”?

You didn’t mention it, but the way you emphasized it mistook us into thinking that you were over reacting or over-emotional A.K.A. what we call “worked up”.

He’s just saying that you don’t need to dissapoint on a ding. You’re hurting a toy, $45 toy. I have $45 toys all the time like RC cars and I beat it up all the time.

It hurts the first time, but soon enough, you’ll be dinging it a lot into a beater and you’ll still love it.
We all have to experience this time. :smiley:

for example, look at my dm2. that is a BIG beater, and my dv888

I would look if I could, but you didn’t post any pictures of them.

basically that’s what DV888s are for, a cheap yet excellent yoyo that you can walk the dog on concrete with, without caring more than that.

i actually do the same on purpose with my markmont.next, just find it looks better with some scratches

dv888s are mass produced in china and sold for fairly cheap, don’t care that much about these throws, just play it like you stole it man, have fun

do this and give it a new look, and get a feeling of acmplishment

it only takes a few minutes with some different grit sand papers and some metal polish

I know how you feel. I dinged my dv888 once on my belt buckle. As long as it doesn’t affect the play of smoothness of the yoyo though, I get over it pretty quickly. I’ve had my dv88 for a year and a half now, and that is the only ding.