today is a very sad day


yesterday I got my DV888 it was a happy day ;D ;D ;D ;D I made it my mission not to get any dings in it on the first day,wow that doesnt seem to hard does it… well your wrong atleast it is impossible for me. so later that night i am taking all precautions i was playing on the carpet then BAM!!! the sound of it nearly made me cry I knew suddently that I forgot that i was yoyoing below the fan :’( :’( :’( :’(. So hanging my hed in shame I walked and paced around then BAM!!! I had an idea.So the next day I took a long painfull journey to the local convienent store and bought a dark blue sharpie and covered the nicks :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


(Yo!It'sMatt) #2

Ceiling fan? Eli hops?


nope i was doing a made up slack of mine and an extra wrap got on my finger and i pulled and there was a loop in it so it binded and the wrap came off my finger and went straight up and hit the fan

(J. Lev) #4

I would rather have dings. When you have a ding, it adds character to your yoyo. Its like a flaw in a person, it helps bring out the best in them. Many unlikeable people try to cover up their flaws. Just let them show, they distinguish you.


Well put. Yo-yo’s are meant to be played, so play them without worries and have fun.


thanx thats true usually i dont mind but i dont want them to get dinged on the first day i mean that sucks


Not really. I don’t see the big difference from dinging it the first day and dinging it in a week. Its still a yoyo no matter what.


well i think it sucks on the first day because your still so excited you got a new metal yoyo and since it was my first metal i was shaking from happiness. but if you get 5 dings on it in 3 hours your excitement deteriates to nothing and in a week from now i wouldnt mind because im just ready to get another one

(Infinite Chaos) #9

It really sucks that you dinged up your yoyo on your first day. How you did it was a little funny though, no offense meant whatsoever! Seriously. I remember when i was trying eli hopes (hmmm imagine that eh? lmao) when it hit the roof, dented the ceiling and scratched my yoyo. It was actually pretty funny. ;D


The key my friend, is to get your yo-yo dinged up so much you can’t really get sad when you ding your yo-yo because you can’t find the new ding!

(Infinite Chaos) #11

Haha! How true! I should put up a pic of my Wide Sport. Lmao. SO many dings on the rims. Its now officially my “beater” yoyo from dropping it on the ground when i was learning. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Eleazar) #12

Even though I have so many dings on mine I always know which one is the knew one. Also the first ding that I got on my Dv was not on the floor or the wall or the ceiling or the fan for that matter but on my HHitman. My brother was using it through a break away while I was doing and under mount and DING.

(SR) #13

I was yo-yoing in my room with my dv888, I hit the white doorframe of my closet, got white marks all over the thing, took it into the bathroom wiped the white stuff right off. I mean it just like slid off… it was awesome. It is pretty durable. I banged it a couple other times, no dents, scratches or vibes, looks like it just came out of the box. Awesome for me, feel bad for you.

(JayVee) #14

Seriously, dings are good for you. If you have a yo-yo and you don’t let it get dinged or scratched, then you’re limiting yourself from doing well. And besides, if you’re really good at getting yo-yos dinged, then you could create cool patterns on the rims. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nova) #15

Okay, so it makes sense, but personally, I’d like to have a mint-condition yo-yo! ;D Yo-yoing is kind of based on how you look, and the better your throw looks, the better you look overall! I mean if your doing Ladder Escape on a Speed Beetle (hypothetically) and Rock the Baby on an Eight8Eight, obviously the Speed Beetle would look better! But if you were to do the same trick with the the same yo-yo, I’d rather have a nice looking throw. Oh screw it, I’m rambling! ::slight_smile:


If the yoyo is spinning, its not going to look different…

(JackG) #17

lol i dinged my 888 for the first time right after i read this

(Mitch Ginder) #18

I don’t have a single ding on any of my 4 dv888’s


wow you r ver lucky

(Infinite Chaos) #20

omg, you have 4 of them?!?! :o
I’m working on getting my second and third yoyo right now and I’m starting to worry about the cost of it all if I get any more right now. lol :-\