SAD DAY FOR MY DV888 (only 3 weeks old) LOL

(Gorrilla_YO) #1

dang it, i got mines dinged today, had my dv888 for 3 weeks and made it a mission not to ding it. well, today i was yoing with some friends in a parking lot at a shopping center, and i was about to get into a 1.5 mount, my throw hand finger didn’t catch the string and my non-throw hand couldn’t hold on to the string (slipped). then i herd kaaaa klink klink…OMG i felt so sick… i quickly picked it up and i got 2 deep dings on both halves of my dv888…i had to satin it out later that day…now i can’t look at my dv888 the same… :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(Like they always say, dings only make you a better player!!! So i took it as a learning experience to better my skills

heres some satin pictures that i took today, i had to satin it because the dings were deep and i don’t want to get a cut :-X so i smoothed it out…

Looks pretty awesome when it spins (a positive look to dings) ahahahaha (like the real buzon DV8) btw THERES NO WOBBLE, I’M SUPPRISED :smiley:

-sigh…i’m okay now, im just lucky its not my $120 dollar superstar maybe one day ill be extra careful… :-\

(SR) #2

I actually scratched mine yesterday, I don’t know what happened. I never dropped dinged it or anything. It looks like a silver gash. I from now on will only use my dv888 over soft surfaces, that goes for the rest of my yo-yo’s too.

(JonasK) #3

As long damages never affect the play of the yoyo, I’m fine with it.


Same here, except with my prized Catch13.

(Raphael) #5

Please Avoid using bad Language on these Forums :wink:

(JonasK) #6

Where did you read bad language?

(Gorrilla_YO) #7

Lol what bad language…anyways yeah I’m playin my dv888 on soft surfaces…

(Raphael) #8

changed it , The first word of his post ( Made by beavers to stifle Water flow) Hint Hint


I <3 dings.

(marcusWsteadman) #10



Probably because he actually plays with his yoyos.

(Raphael) #12

They’re Love Marks ;D


Yes, this.

If you don’t ding your yoyos, Do you really play them to their full potential?

I only get mad about dings when they cause a vibe.


when i got my dv888 about a week later i was yoyoing in my room and hit my desk when a bind snagged back really quick now it has 2 gashes

(Waylon) #15

Must be something in the air. I got a DM from Evan a few weeks ago and he had satined the rims smooth. Except for a few shiny spots from some deeper dings he’d put on it, it was in great shape. I smacked it on concrete today and about five minutes later I was washing the tension from the string (with some trick I don’t know the name of but it uses the split-bottom mount) and went too far and the yoyo fell off the string and bounced along the pavement at full speed for about 30 feet. This is exactly why I like used yoyos :slight_smile:


did the same thing with my 888 the other day but luckily it landed on the other string and had it in an offstring hold lol

but back on topic i like the way it looks satined quite a nice contrast

(Gorrilla_YO) #17

i used 400 grit sand paper and then 1000 to smooth it out

(marcusWsteadman) #18

Thats what I meant. all my yoyos have dings, scratches, ect. But wouldn’t you love it if yoyos couldn’t git scratched. Dings are like battle scares to warriors.

(JonasK) #19

This made me think. Are you not playing your yoyo to it’s full potential if you hit it at something? I mean, dings aren’t really bad, but this makes it sound like you need to get them. Dings usually come from accidentaly hitting the ground, which isn’t actually “playing it to it’s full potential”. I don’t think people should be overly protective when they play with their yoyos, but you don’t need to hit something hard with them either.

I had been playing my M1 (second) for two months before I got my first dings on it. I played that yoyo a lot over pavement, and wasn’t trying my best not to hit the ground, I just didn’t hit the ground. Does that mean I didn’t play my M1 to it’s full potential for two months?

Now let’s go to surface. Carpet to be more specific. Carpet is a great ground-level surface for yoyoing. It’s soft and will not harm your yoyo. If you are playing as “hardcore” as possible over carpet, does that mean you’re not playing the yoyo to it’s full potential? If I get to choose between yoyoing over pavement and yoyoing over carpet, I choose the carpet because I know that if I play my yoyo “to it’s full potential” over pavement, I have a chance of dinging it. I will have no chance of dinging it over carpet.

I don’t try hard to avoid dings, but I don’t try to get dings either. I like to think that hitting the yoyo to the ground is a mistake, it’s a way of messing up, and I don’t like to mess up. Therefore, I try to miss the ground the same way I try not to miss my tricks. There’s no need to purposely ding my yoyo. Dinging a yoyo is a fail, but do what you always do when you fail, get yourself back up and practice until you stop failing.

Addment: And in this case, the string slipping off your finger resulting in the yoyo hitting the ground and gettin two deep scratches isn’t what I would call “playing it to it’s full potential”.

(marcusWsteadman) #20

Thank you pheenix! :wink: