Dinged Yoyo Stories

A couple minutes ago I just dinged my brand new joyride on a light in my room. :’( Yoyoing over concrete is never a problem because I only seem to sing my yoyos on lights and sweatshirt zippers. What are some of your stories that involve dinging yoyos?

I used my cypher as a hockey puck once, was pretty fun :slight_smile: and no, I don’t care about dings :stuck_out_tongue:

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One time I let one of my friends who wanted to learn to yoyo use my new breed. We were on the stage in our auditorium at school. While he was yoyoing over the edge, he smoked it against the ground. The metal ring on one side of the yoyo flew off. Nothing a hammer couldn’t fix :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a week after i got my metal replay pro i ended up dinging it on concrete decently hard, very noticeable chunks taken out of its rims but i havent noticed any major vibe. I was pretty devastated since it was my first quality metal throw. But now i stop caring about dings after the first one. Like ill baby a new throw until its first ding then theres no point in babying it too much imo.

I don’t like to talk about it…

Mine was so terrible and painful, and more because I didnt do it… I lend it to my girlfriend dad because he wanted to “see it”, and first thing he does is throwing it on purpose on concrete… I hated him soo bad (and I still do)

Very sad story here. I got an Anglam Ver CC a couple of years ago and it was my first “high end” throw. So i used it like it was going out of style, pretty much the only yoyo i used until this happened. So we had some friends over and we were outside in the undercover area and i was showing off some of my new tricks. all of a sudden, the $200+ throw decides to split apart and bounce and roll around on the concrete :-[ It was so dinged that when you hand grinded in the wrong spot it would cut you. After a year or so of bearly playing it i decided to sanded of the dings and make it look all shiny. chucked in the new yyf bearing a couple of months back and it’s my favourite yoyo now ;D so it’s a loss win sorta story

The day I received my CLYW Orca - in love with its Lost in Space colorway…I’m filming some stuff for the Elders Contest and not 5 minutes into recording…PING! (as I carry on with my trick).

My beautiful orca, now having love marks…was not the most excited about that happening. It now has several marks on it but it only shows that it’s been played with :slight_smile:

I’ve told these stories too many times, so my energy level for telling them is low. But I’ll try short versions!

  1. Favourite yoyo at the time was El Ranchero. Meetup in Montreal, at an area with concrete at our feet. New yoyoer having a miserable time learning to bind with a One. I’m like, “use this” and hand him the Ranchero. He’s thrilled and also worried (he knows some people hate dings), and sure enough, 10 minutes later I hear that tell-tale sound and the other yoyoers going, “OOOOooohhhh!!! GREG!” He tried to apologize but I was sincerely nonplussed. “Here, take it back!” he says. “Nah. You keep playing it. You’re getting successful binds, right?” I reply. I honestly didn’t care. That bronze El Ranchero wore that ding as a badge of honor until I replaced it with a dinged-but-not-by-me gunmetal gray El Ranchero a while later. :slight_smile:

  2. New favourite yoyo became the Krown. Took it errwhere. Was at the mall, which has ceramic tile floors, playing while waiting for my family to finish in a store. Elderly lady strikes up a conversation about yoyo and timidly asks if she can try. I warn her about the long string and hold her hands with her while she throws it. But regardless, it hits the ceramic tiles. DINNNNG!!! She’s apologetic, but I’m all, “You know what? Let’s try that again,” and we do. At the end, she walks away seeming quite happy with our exchange and probably enjoyed her little bit of yoyoing. Krown barely had a mark to show for it and I couldn’t have been happier as well.

Dings ain’t no thing when you’re sharing a love of yoyo.


I don’t mind dings, but this one time I got a shutter delivered to my house. I go and open it and I am excited to try it out. First throw and I hear a DING. Fresh out of the box and it already has a ding haha

Months ago I brought home a brand new red DV 888 with the unresponsive bearing.

I brought it outside to try and within 15 minutes I misjudged the string length and dinged it on the gravel I was standing on.


I can’t complain. My buddy bought himself a BMW 435i last year and his daughter backed into it in the garage on the 2nd day he owned it.

$1500 of repairs on a $48,000 car on the 2nd day.

Let’s rewind to 2008. The Duncan Metal Zero (not the Drifter) was my first metal Yo-Yo. I was throwing on the sidewalk, and a non-yo-yoing friend had just given me a handmade cotton Yo-Yo string they’d made based on one of my old Duncan strings. I’m guessing you can already see how this is not a good situation, but I was oblivious at the time.

I had been using their custom string for less than a minute when I decided to throw a forward pass. The Metal Zero unwound, and then with a quiet “snap”, went from a 1A to 4A. Me and my friend watched it soar at least 20 feet through the air before finally finishing it’s descent towards the sidewalk.


It struck the ground, bounced a few times and immediately started rolling back towards me and my friend. The distinct sound of aluminum grinding against pavement echoed through the entire neighborhood as it slowly made it’s way back to me. I stuck my foot out to stop it from rolling past us, and I picked it up to examine the damage. There was good ding in one spot and the outer edges of both halves were scraped up considerably. My friend looked up at me in horror. I just told them not to worry about it and requested they not make me any more strings.

The moral of the story: Avoid Yo-Yoing on the sidewalk, and always acquire your strings from a reputable source. Honestly, when I first tried some a handmade Happy Mountain string some months ago, one of my initial positive thoughts was “Well, they don’t seem to break immediately…”


Words 2012, I think, I threw a winston superstar at the same time a girl from werrd, kali I believe, threw a beef and both yoyo’s collided mid throw. It was a really intense collision, I was a little embarrassed haha.

I also use have an og peak and the first day I got it I smashed it into a metal salon chair, normally I don’t care about dings but that was a really bogus move. I used white out to fix it and it looked terrible, I’m sure the current owner really appreciates that ::slight_smile: haha

888x for my 13th birthday. Same day I got it I smashed it into the concrete in the backyard and was devastated.

But I still have it.

It’s got marks from it hitting my cast when I broke my foot, dings from all the places I’ve been to with it, and it means a lot to me.

Actually I love when my yoyos are dinged. Each one has a story to remember, and a good one if think about it, detached from the material side of yo-yoing.

I’ve dinged alot of yoyos on my wedding ring. I don’t wear my wedding ring anymore when I throw unless it’s wood or plastic.

USA hatrick comes apart, hits the wall…

but now I’m not afraid to play it, so it’s alright.

On the day I got my Czech Point, I gave it my first ding, nothing really noticeable. But once when I was throwing it around at my school, I gave it a really big ding. Luckily I went to the woodwork teacher to ask for some sandpaper to smooth it out.

You a lefty?

I was playing with my Horizon and dinging it accidentally on and off on my house’s marble flooring. Nothing too major except for some surface blemishes and tiny indents. And then one fine day as I was playing it, I accidentally dinged it against a CERAMIC CUP. At first I thought it was gonna be fine, since you know, metal being metal and ceramic being ceramic. I expected the cup to break but it didn’t crack so I was really surprised. Little did I know the real surprise was waiting for me on the Horizon. I looked at it and saw a huge chunk on the rims seemingly coming off (sort of like when you start skinning potatoes) and it’s incredibly sharp. SO basically if I’m not careful now and unknowingly do palm grinds, it hurts A LOT.

(at least it didn’t cause any extra major noticeable vibe)

On another note I dinged my 7075 Shu Ta on the floor really really hard one day because it didn’t bind back up properly. But 7075 being that extra sturdy aluminum alloy, there was absolutely no damage done to the yoyo at all.

I’m right handed. It usually happens while working on new tricks or chopsticks stuff. Sometimes things just get wild.

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