Just Dinged my fav. yoyo

Sigh #thatfeelbro

time to throw it away and buy a new one… :frowning:


this sucks

honestly it should make it more fun to play with… you worry less about dinging it. All my favorite yoyos are dinged because i use them the most

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Don’t sweat it, mate. Dings happen. And the more you play, the more they happen. Like throwrw said, now you can forget about keeping it mint and play with wild abandon.

You’re also now at liberty to write “Near mint” on it. :slight_smile:



It cant be your fav throw without some love marks :slight_smile:

<Insert “I know how you feel, I just dinged my and I’m so sad” post here>


Does the green one vibe?

Lol the green one.
And don’t forget to store it in a mint box! Like altoids.

@yonut - I actually auctioned it off for the cancer charity. When I sold it the yoyo was still totally smooth.

Indeed. Most of my yoyos are in mint box condition.


Its so true. The only way to keep it minty is throw over carpet. If you throw on any hard surfaces, its always risky. But hey, its just a toy, as pricey as some of them can be, you just have to let it go. Now if having a mint throw is keeping you from playing hard, then its holding you back, and may need some love marks to unleash its full potential :stuck_out_tongue:

Also you don’t “Throw Away” a dinged yoyo. I have many marks(Being small and having long string)But I don’t really care unless its over 150 dollars.

not true.

i was just messing around doing braintwister for no reason (really, i don’t know why) and it hit my belt buckle. i still don’t even know why i had my belt on, but w/e…

oh whale

edit: lesson learned: only yoyo naked in a padded room. never anywhere else.

Man you care to much about your $21 yoyo.

Almost sounds a bit more risky to me.

$100 more like it :frowning:

If you ding another yoyo worse you can make a picture like this one depicting degree of near mintyness. As you can see, the pink one is obviously much nearer mint.


This is my favorite yoyo. Can’t you tell?

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I haven’t met a ding yet that a bit of steel wool couldn’t smooth out a bit so that it doesn’t cut me. And if it doesn’t cut me, it’s alllll good. :wink:

Just remember, it can /always/ be worse.