2011 Marcus Koh 1A winner!

I honestly don’t think he should have won. No style compared to Jensen or Stein

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i love this guys freestyle! but heres the yoyofactory video version! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P9JfqSKyxk&feature=relmfu

who is he sponsored by?

What yoyo was he using?

He’s sponsored by Turning point, and was using a turning point Positron.

I knew he was going to win, I’ve been calling that since AP. It was either him or Chia this year, and Chia didn’t show up.

I really just dont think this was that great

I completely agree. It was just fast… that’s all.

If Yuuki would have shown up, this year would have been an easy win for him.

Personally, I’m not a fan of either Jensen or Gentry’s styles. Both styles are aimed directly for getting points. I’d much rather watch Yuuki’s complex tricks and speed or Chris Fraser’s body tricks than watch peoplebounce the yoyo from string to string to rack up points.

I think he completely deserved 1st. He was doing Technical 45 degree angle tricks behind the back! There isn’t anyone as good as him at that kind of stuff. If you look at his other videos, you’ll see that this is his style, he doesn’t just go fast to rack up points.

I agree with you on Gentry, but this year Jensen wasn’t trying to win, if he was, he would have done the horizontal tricks we all know he can do. He didn’t do any.

Yeah. Jensen was going for something else this year. I think he was aiming more for a memorable performance than a winning one.

Yeah, jensen was going for respect and showmanship. I personally love marcuses style and everything, therefore I think it is right that he won. Also Gentry totally owned it…

Marcus deserved this. He has a huge amount of talent, and he is a super nice guy. The presence in that room was unmatched by anything.

Also, Jensen. I also have a huge amount of respect for him. he did not compete to win- he competed to preform, and to prove it to himself. His freestyle was not fast, and he requested total silence for it. Nobody else could pull that off.

I am extremely proud of Marcus and I know he has a bright future.

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I thought the same thing initially. I’m liking Sebastians freestyle but logically it makes sense he won. If you look at the scores from his previous freestyles (apx. 95 pts.) with no swaps or many mistakes plus the difficulty of his tricks. Subtract 6 points (3 pts per yoyo switch) and you have 89 pts. Add the small mistakes he had and lack of yoyo control and you get to the 87.71 he scored at worlds. I had Sebby clicked at first, Marcus second, and Gentry third. Thats my take.

You ever try doing those behind the back horizontal combos?
Its not “just fast”, I think you don’t understand how incredibly difficult and risky those are.

I think Marcus deserved it, his stuff is just mind blowing and very original. I think people just automatically place a “fast yoyoer” into the “unoriginal” thrower category, which is pretty lame.

Jensen did really well and his 1A was my favorite of the contest, But I think Marcus did infact deserve it. I did think Jensen might have gotten 3rd though. Sebby definitely had a great fs as well.

But I think I see the placing as quite fair.


Those behind the back horizontals were unreal. I still think Mickey should have won.

Are you kidding? I was mad Mickey got 4th. he deserved about 10th, in my mind.

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nope. He’s fast, smooth, complex tricks, and puts on a show. His style isn’t based around the flawed judging system.

Then again, most of you aren’t judges and really don’t know what you are talking about.
And also the difference of the top three’s scores were all within a 2 point margin. If it weren’t for a few mistakes, Marcus Gentry or Sebby could’ve taken it.

Marcus, Sebby, and Gentry’s performances were crazy awesome. I loved marcus’s performance. it was really cool. my favorite performance was gentry’s and jensen’s. also marcus.