2011 WYYC Recap:

2011 WYYC Recap:

Here are the results of the 2011 WYYC…

These were the results for 1A (1st-3rd place):

1st: Marcus Koh
2nd: Sebastian Brock
3rd: (Not positive about this one) Gentry Stein

Please don’t quote me on this; I’m about 98% sure this was the final (for 1A).

If you want to know the winners of the other styles here they are:

2A: Shinji Saito (of course…)

3A: Hank Freeman

4A: Naoto Okada

5A: Takeshi Matsuura
(couldn’t find a vid for this freestyle :frowning: but it was an AWESOME performance!)

I got a chance to watch a lot of the freestyles with the Ustream but I couldn’t watch the finals because of work. There are so many great players out there with such unique styles and this was an amazing contest. The yoyo community should be proud of what it puts out there for the world to see from 1st place to last place.

That being said I am a fan of Augie, Gentry, and Jensen but I just watched the 1A videos and Sebastian Brock murdered this contest. Holy Cow I can’t believe that guy did not win. Amazing. Huge fan now.

I watched the whole thing today…and i gotta say…i dont think Marcus should have won. He was definitely good and very fast! but nothing he didnt really had any emotion or feeling to it. I think Jensens performance was definitley underrated…he really only threw the thing once! But id definitely give the contest to Sebastian…his was my favorite performance! There were A LOT of great performances though! ;D

I think the score for sebastian was 87.7 and marcus was 87.71, pretty close, or that was gentry and sebastian, anyway, it was awesome, i watched it on ustream, it was pretty cool, jensen kinda surprised me with his performance, i thought he would try to win, but it was really soulful though, so i respect that. I really wish he could’ve placed or have done better, but thats what he wanted to do I guess. BTW is Jensen on CLYW or YYF? I’m confused on that, 'cause sometimes he wears YYF stuff and sometimes he wears CLYW stuff, like this year.

He left YYF a few months ago and re-uped w CLYW…the more i watch his performance to more i love it

He didn’t want to win… Before he played he requested the crowd to be quiet. he want his FS to be a piece of art, to show his passion in yoyoing. He can beat anyone he wants if he use 100% skills. It just, he wants to give other yoyoers a chance.


The guys at slusny.net posted this on their blog:


I actually liked Gentry getting third. He had a solid performance and did well. However, I thought Sebby got robbed. He had an all around AMAZING performance. Very few mistakes, and flashy tricks.