5A and 1A Results!

3. Miggy
2. Sterling Quinn

  1. Takeshi Matsura

3. Christopher Chia
2. Hiroyuki Suzuki

  1. Jensen Kimmitt

YAY!!! Jensen won!

He really deserved that. ( no matter what the haters think) ::slight_smile:

Yeah Jensen! Can’t wait for the videos.

I’m also anxious to see Sterling Quinn’s 5A

I am one of those “haters” although I don’t really hate him. I just didn’t think he was ready. I was wrong. Oh well.

I saw a video of jensen’s freestyle, but it was hard to see…I can’t wait until a Higher quality video comes out.

It’s pretty cool - Jensen is an example of what hard work can do.

It seemed like almost every aspect of his freestyle was perfected. If you watch BAC and see what he missed he hit with confidence during his worlds freestyle. he was really well prepared.


i forgot who but someone during their 5a free style did a areal that got stuck it the humongus light shandler thing

oh yeah i wonder if they got it down and yeah jensen was the best!

I was pretty sad Yuuki didn’t make the top 3. He was pretty tight.

But Jensen did deserve the win. :wink:

My guess after watching the live stream was
1st: Jensen
2nd: Yuuki
3rd: Mickey

But I was wrong…

And… Yeah…
Jensen really is hard-working… He deserved it…

That was Augie in '07 I believe, maybe '05, I can’t remember for sure.

Excited for the videos. :slight_smile:

It’s not augie…
It happened this year… haha

here is jensens and hiroyukis freestyles            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knYCilujrFM&feature=channel

Watched the whole 1A and 5A on the live stream. Jensen was insane. he was so far ahead he spent like 15-20 seconds just binding and dancing, he knew he was going to win

it was just like 10 seconds. he was doing that because he started to forget his freestyle but then after that 10 seconds his remembered his thing. but yeah he was awesome!!!

no! i asked him my self and he said he was going to fast

Just watched Jensen freestyle and it was really good. Good job!