Miguel Correa 5A is amazing.

Not only can the guy teach 5A but he once again proves his mastery:

Sterling has some of the most serious 5A tricks you will see on stage:

And then of course World Champ Tyler showing off just what the SEVERE is capable of:

These guys are really bringing 5A to the next level - don’t you think?

Now go practice and learn some tricks from the champ: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/#5A_2

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They really are taking 5A to the next level.

I love them all!

However, in my book, Juan’s just as good, if not better. Just my opinion.

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Now Andre, you of all people should know that this belongs in the video section. ;D

Yoyofactory has a sick 5a team indeed.

I think it goes here as we discuss the current level of 5A.

It just happens to have media. :wink:

But Sterling’s video is 1a?

Sterlings 5a was mindblowing. I love how his 1a and 5a are sorta intertwined. I really love tech 5a, but Miguel’s body 5a is just crazy.

Sterling is my favorite 5a player. To me it seems like Sterling is really making the counterweight a part of the trick instead of just spinning it around.


I think this is the video Andre ment to post…

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my fav was tyler severence and miguell was crazy good, i didn’t like sterling much though. if only u were in it andre, then u woulda won.

Nate Sutter’s FS was my favorite one in 5a… Im not sure why but I cant stop watching it… Its just awesome…

And Augie’s 1A FS was just epic…

i liked jonrob’s the most, he is just so smooth and i love his style

JonRob is just a little slow for me. I like Miguel’s the best.

thats why i love it, i really dont like fast stuff that most of them do

Sterling’s freestyle is my favorite. I never really payed any mind to him before, since I considered other players to be more elite. But since I saw his Worlds freestyle this year, I’ve gained a new respect for him. He really blows my mind with his innovation and flowing style. Plus, I find it hilarious how ridiculously long his string is. :smiley:

His string isn’t that long!

He’s that short!

JonRob should enter AP next worlds.

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Agreed. :smiley: He looks like he doesn’t even care.

BTW Iron if you like Sterling you should check out this vid: http://vimeo.com/4971213

I really liked Tyler’s Worlds routine because it was epic. Really innovational and still really fast and flowing.

Miggy is crazy. There is a ton of stuff going on and it is so chaotic that you have to watch it a few times to pick up what’s really going on.

JonRob has amazing style, but he makes it hard for himself to win contests later in the season because he is using all of the same tricks he was using in January.

I think Tylers is the best.

I liked Tyler Severance’s alot. I also Enjoyed Sebastian brock’s, It had No emotion though.