5A trick tutorials taught by Miguel Correa!

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Woah! I just noticed something! This is awesome! We now have 5A tricks taught by the Nats. 5A champion Miguel Correa! Time to learn some 5A!

Look here-



Just awesome.


Just uploaded! :wink:


National 5A Champion and Team YoYoFactory member Miguel Correa is proud to present some fundamental 5A tricks that are built to get your Counter-Weight play to the next level. Learn advanced mounts, tricks, and stalls performed by a true expert!


Just so you guy’s know. Miguel is one of the nicest and most helpful yoyoers you will ever meet!

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I’m lovin’ it André… and Miggy. This is so much win. Just so much WIN!


these are awesome,thanks andre and miguel ;D :smiley:


This is great! More tutorials is something we’ve all been hoping for!


This is awesome!

It’s perfect timing for me, as I just started in 5a. ;D


omg this made my day!!!

and ive been doing 5a mainly for a few weeks this is gonna help ALOT

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I hop onto my computer, opened up the YYE site, and what do I see staring back at me? New tutorials! Awesome; I think I’ll start throwing 5a today. :wink:

 Hey everyone, thanks for the positive feedback thus far. I hope that you all learn these and then some. I'm open to doing more if the demand exists. In the meantime though, grab a counterweight and enjoy these tutorials. I'll be in touch. Shoutouts to André, Yoyofactory, and the Genesis. Peace.



Yes. Very well done. If you can, keep it up. You’re doing a good job so far. :slight_smile:



I was so stoked to see this!


This is a great idea, having professional yo-yoers oriented to a specific style give tutorials, after all, Andre can’t be master of everything.


Blasphemy! Send him to jail! :stuck_out_tongue:


Miggy… did, did I ever tell you I loved you?

Cuz… cuz i totally do :stuck_out_tongue:

JK, And Welcome to YYE Forums!

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thanks a lot for the tutorial’s i really appreciate it. KEEP IT UP!!!