Every 5A tutorial source on the internet

X-Divisions are usually eclipsed by the popularity and accesibility of 1A, so any player who decides to take any X-Division seriously is a good thing.

In the spirit of 5A May and the ending of the counterweight patent, let’s compile every source of 5A information there is in this thread for everyone who decides to learn the style.

5A is interesting as a style. It is (of course) not as popular as 1A, hence the lack of material about it compared to 1A stuff. But it is definitely more vast than 3A and 4A, and (as expected), 2A.

Let’s get to the tutorials.

  • YoTricks

Reigning as the most dedicated tutorial maker on the internet, of course this guys have 5A tutorials. Taught by none other than Jake Elliot, 2015 5A World Champion. Here’s their entire 5A playlist in order of difficulty.

  • Miguel Correa

Excellent tutorial source with a lot of content that other tutorial makers miss, like 5A specific mounts, repeaters, etc. Miggy teaches in a series of levels, and the series of content gets very deep very fast.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

  • YoyoExpert

André made a 5A tutorial series along with his iconic 1A tutorials with ExpertVillage. Enjoy that sweet, nostalgic 480p.

  • YoyoFactory

Tyler Severance and Miguel Correa filmed a short series of tutorials for YYF in the 2010 - 2013 era, which was the 5A hype era, sustained by amazing players such as Tyler, Miggy, Sterling Quinn and JonRob. Now that the patent has expired, Yoyofactory has made this videos public again.

  • Slusny

Czech based yoyo store has some gems on this tut series that really have gone under the radar of a lot of people. Along with the basics, the offer some unusual tech/transitional 5A tricks that can be really helpful for those looking for something different than just E-Fans and Tanglers.

  • Jacob Elliot’s 2014 5A May series

This series of videos are pure GOLD. Just a ton of really beefy, unorthodox, plain hard stuff from someone who beat Takeshi Matsuura at his own game. Take a look.

  • Freehand Yo-yo Tutorials (Bryan Jardin)

This series of tutorials has not been seen by a lot of people and that saddens me. Bryan is a legendary player and there’s a lot of tricks here that could help you master other hard tricks in 5A. Baby Tangler is one of those highlights in my opinion.

  • How To Be a Yo-yo Ninja: Freehand (Duncan Toys)

Finally, we have Duncan´s own series of tutorials, hosted by legends Rafael Matsunaga and Jack Ringca. This series of tutorials contain a very classic trickset, corporate-safe humor, and an interesting view at how Duncan intended 5A to be.

And that’s all. Have fun y’all.