Any tips on 5A

I recently got a freehand nextgen and I have been trying to learn som 5A. Any tips or pointers to look out for to make learning 5A easier?

One thing I’ve had trouble with is catching the counterweight at speed, especially without watching it all the time. So I made a simple trainer that lets me just practice swinging the counterweight around at different speeds (slowly at first, and speeding up a little at a time) and catching it, both while watching it and then without watching it.

I just hold the open loop in the first couple fingers of my left (non-throw) hand and swing the counterweight around with that hand, catching it in my throw hand, over and over and over.


Oh thats actually a really good idea
And a good purpose for my old strings
I’m going to make one
Thank you

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I’ve been using the yotricks app but another source of information is always welcomed l
Thank you I did not know this site existed

That’s the OG site for 5a tutorials :wink:

Smart thinking.


Is this post going to be meta?