Counter weight yoyo tricks

i found there are not much counter weight yoyo tricks. So where do you learn new ones except for steve brown i know you learn new ones from him everyday

You can learn from this site. And go around in youtube to check out some 5A tutorials if any. Make up your own, with 5A, the possibilties are more than endless.

make up your own stuff
like do 1a tricks, but find a way to include the counterweight to make it unique to 5a

5A is 1A, do that stuff with the counterweight in your hand. Trust me you will find ways to utilize it. :wink:

get all you can, download video, watch in slow motion, make up your own stuff, 5A is more free than 1A and you can explore more easily

Here’s A Quick Trick

Throw A Trapeze,Throw The Counter Weight Around The Yo-Yo,Catch The Counter Weight,With Your Non-Throw Hand Pointer Finger Flip The Yo-Yo Around Your Finger,Let Go Of The Counter Weight So It Flips Around With The Yo-Yo,Catch The Counter Weight,Unwrap The Counter Weight From The Yo-Yo,Dismount And Catch.

I Have No Idea If This Is A Real Trick,

Other Than That Go To

You can look up 5A elements online. There’s a channel that teaches basics of famous 5A moves and goes kind of in detail. The series is called bread and butter.

Once you get these down then it’s time to start experimenting and finding tricks that work for you. Don’t like nunchucks? Go for a beesting style! Don’t like that? Meltdown! The possibilities are endless!

here are a few

theres more on youtube than you might think, otherwise just make up stuff and watch videos. if you have a friend that yoyos get him to teach you. heres more

thatt should get you started

once you get at the equivalent of YYE tutorial’s “intermediate” level (in 1A) you’re pretty much on your own

keep grinding until you find yourself being comfortable with the general yoyo/CW motion, then your tricks will fall into place.

there are not many tutorials “per se”, but you’ll find that there can be unlimited variations of many of the basic 5A tricks

I’m finding out that the flow seems more important in 5A than it is in 1A, once you get the basic tricks flowing all together you’ll be able to “move” freely and make up your own tricks naturally

but looking at some other vids in slow motion can’t hurt

the whole thing that is great about not having many 5a tutorials is that once you learn all the basics you are free to create your tricks using your own imagination.

exactly what I think, I’m virtually “blank” from all 1A stuff got 70% of 5A basics down (and starting to get good), the sensation of freedom is awesome, just playing around, even misses sometimes look good.