The start of a 5A Journey.

Recently, I received my Protostar with a counter weight. I’ve gotten the basics of holding it, throwing it, etc. but the problem that I have is that YoYoExpert doesn’t have a large variety of tricks that are great for counter-weight play. So, I was hoping everyone can possibly contribute 5A Tricks that range from the skills of Beginner to the most Advanced 5A Yo-Yo Tricks out there. Hopefully, this thread will help me and others to start learning 5A Tricks! May I ask people NOT to post videos of Counter-Weight videos that are already on YoYoExpert!

-Thank You!

This might help

this too

But don’t expect to find nearly as many tutorials than there are in 1A. You will quickly have to create your own tricks in 5A, which is why I find it so fun, everything’s left to be done

also, I know I got a few tricks from this vid as well, if you’re into tech 5A stuff

and a vid of a simple trick that I did. not that great of a trick by itself but the elements can be used separately (which is what I do now, rather than the whole trick by itself)

I appreciate the videos that you guys have put up! I’ve learnt many of them already, so keep them coming!

Lets keep this thread alive for other 5A yo-yoers out there!

Well, there’s something that I feel needs to be put out there

welcome to the wonderful world of “other than 1A yoyoing”. personally I think it’s a good thing that we don’t have that many tutorials aside of the basics. This way, it kinda pushes the players to be more creative.

5A allows for much more freedom than 1A, so you can virtually do anything and come up with any kind of tricks you can ever dream of.

I suggest you get comfortable with what’s already out there, then just play and come up with your own tricks, or take elements from videos as starting points. this is basically what I do and I’m happy with it.

here’s a few tricks I did, taking (sometimes LOTS of it) inspiration from Jake Bullock and Jon Rob. Feel free to pick the moves you like (if you happen to like them ^^)

Check out Brett Grimes’ videos on YouTube. His account is “ibanezcollector”.