Looking for 5A tutorials


Hi, I’m somewhere between beginner/intermediate level at 5A tricks.

I can’t find many good 5A tutorials (vids or otherwise). There aren’t many vids here at YYE and the only good collection I’ve found elsewhere is Miguel Correa’s, which, while excellent, is pretty old. Not that I’ve mastered all his tricks (I’ve hit a wall on most of the Level 3’s which seem way, way harder than Level 2)

In competition vids I see people doing many tricks I’ve never seen before but it’s too fast for me to tell exactly what they’re doing. So I know there are hundreds of modern 5A tricks but I can’t find references on anything worthwhile except Miggy’s.

Anyway can someone point me to some more 5A tutorials? I would really appreciate it.


There aren’t many other 5A tutorials out there.
Ryan Gee seems to have a few from the past on the tutorial channel.

At a certain point, it becomes the responsibility of the player to start building their own tricks instead of learning specified “tricks” from others. From what you say, it sounds like you are well enough at the point to truly start creating your own tricks.
At this point, keep watching your favorite 5A players for inspiration, not for grabbing actual tricks, and start getting your creative juices going!


I have discovered quite a few tricks for myself (I say discovered because I highly doubt they’re original) but it sure would be easier if there were more tutorials. There are no yoyo clubs or tournaments where I live so I have to rely on the internet or just figure stuff out myself.

I’m sure you’re right about it being a player’s responsibility to come up with tricks, but I’m just saying for other styles of play it seems way easier to find tutorials (for 1A and 4A at least, I haven’t looked for 2A and 3A). For 5A with the exception of Miggy’s tutorials all you can usually find is the easiest 10 - 15 tricks.

Thanks for the link though, I’ll check it out.


Miggys website is pure gold. engjoy! :slight_smile:


Thanks but if you’d read the thread you’d see I’ve already seen all his tutorials.


The best tutorials for anything besides 1A is going to competition. But since it’s online it’s not really helpful saying that.
You can look on youtube for 5A May if you haven’t seen those.


I’m in Texas and I don’t think they have competitions here anymore. They did a few years ago but stopped for some reason. I guess I could go out of state but I don’t think there are any in the surrounding states either. Not a great yoyo scene here to say the least.


This guy has some pretty descent 5A tutorials.



Huh…from Texas too. I wonder if he lives anywhere near me.


(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #10

Jake Elliot is doing a 5a May tutorial series thats pretty good so far.  Here is Day 4, there is a playlist on his channel.


Oh these look great! I hope he does a whole month’s worth. Last 5A May got killed because it was associated with YYF and Duncan likes to “aggressively defend its patents” but they can’t do anything about individual players making videos.

He’s got one of those white Takeshi dice it looks like. I’ve been looking for one of those a while. For some reason YYJ stopped making them in favor of translucent colors that are harder to see. Wish I could find one. I guess I could just paint one of my regular Takeshi dice but I probably wouldn’t coat it evenly or I’d get paint in the bearing or something knowing me  :-\

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #12

Jake actually custom makes his own takeshi style dice. He kept breaking them, so designed his own a little tougher.


Any idea how one would do something like that? I mean I can drill a hole in a die no problem, but seating the bearing properly and all that seems complicated. Not to mention I don’t even know what type of bearing to use.

I’ve been wondering, is the bearing really necessary? I’ve used Duncan counterweights and they seem to spin fine around the string without building up string tension. I just prefer the Takeshi dice because they weigh a few grams more. Some of my counterweights are 8 grams. The Takeshis are 12. I’d rather have 13 but can’t be too picky given the limited selection I guess (thanks again Duncan for aggressively defending the concept of drilling a cube or a ball and attaching it to a string so that others can’t profit a few dollars off this brilliant scheme!)

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #14

Hop on facebook and PM Jake Elliot. He isn’t interested in producing them for sale, but he’d probably be happy to give you tips.