Yeah, so I’ve tried 5 A before but could never catch it, but I finally got it. So I wondered what tricks anyone has invented for it.


Did yiu complete the list on yye? If u havent, start there, or you could go ti definitiveyoyoing.com and check out miguel correas 5a tutorials


Miguel makes absolutely wonderful tutorials.

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Justhad to point out…


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Nice to see new talent picking up 5A!
^ ^

Glad you are taking it up!
I totally know you mean when you say you can’t catch it hun…
5A is a really weird style to pick up for many, suddenly you have to pay attention to 2 object in motion instead of 1!

The sites and sources already mentioned are great places to start, but also, I would like to recommend watching some older 5A freestyles, say pre-07. 5A after those years for the most part gets very very intimidating for a newer player, but previous years, you will be able to see lots of moves that are a bit simpler, and easier to dissect. This is how I learned a lot of my 5A. ^ ^

Worlds 5A freestyles from 04 and 05 are a great place to start. Watch, carefully analyze what you see, and think about them a bit. As you progress, you will be able to implement those moves into your trick arsenal.

And over time, you’l start making up your own tricks and combos! ^ ^

Good on ya for taking it up again, and remember, don’t get discouraged! Its a tough style for all of us, but totally rewarding in the end! ^ ^ <3