5A beginner tricks

Okie dokie guys… In like two weeks Im going to have enough money to buy my G5, so Im going to start trying a little more with free hand using my DM. What are some good beginner 5A tricks besides the ones on this site? Do you guys have any 1A tricks with a cool 5A twist? Post them all please.

Can you already do all the ones on this site?

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Most of them

Ok well I don’t personally do 5a much. I’m about where you are with it and when I do do 5a I just practice the stuff on here. If nobody posts anything else, you can search Youtube for something like “5a yoyo tutorials” and get some good results.



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Heres one. It really cool

It says “The URL contained a malconformed ID.”


Hubstack 5A is awesome.

After you’ve learned all the tricks on this site, watch a couple freestyles from a 5A player you like and try to learn a trick or two from there. Try not to pick someone like Takuma because it will be very hard to pick anything up due to his speed.

After that, you are ready to start making up your own tricks and combos.

You could learn e fan and the variations of it.