Best 5A Player EVER!

Who is the best 5A player ever? (in your opinion of course)

Make sure you only pick one and give intelligent reasoning for your choice.

I really like the 5A of Adam Brewster.

It’s kind of refreshing from E-Fans and 360s that seem to get people really far in 5A.

Tyler Severance
His tricks are hard, smooth, and really entertaining to watch.

I love tyler severance’s 5a.Smoot,Fast ,rarely seem him mess up a trick.Hes also just an all round nice guy

I would say JonRob.

He is always making up tricks. And not just tech. In just about every good 5A video or freestyle, you can see elements from JonRob. He is also a great teacher.

I totally forgot JonRobs 5A!!

He ruled MWR.

There are so many great 5A players out there.
But the two who I consider to be “the greatest” are:

Shingo Terada:
Creator of many modern 5A concepts, and probably the flowiest 5A player I have seen. So much style.

Rafael Matsunaga
Red’s tricks are the craziest ever. I remember when I first saw this freestyle I was screaming at my computer the whole time. It was so good, and every trick was epic. Awesome.

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Best, for me would be Tyler Severance. He is just all around smooth and entertaining. :wink:

I guess I’d have to say Tyler Severance!

Whats wrong with yall the best 5a playe is…MIGGY!!!

Steve Brown, 5A wouldn’t be here without him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, Red or Boku (Sp?).


I rest my case. :wink:

man i remember the days of vol1 how to be a player.

i would watch that video over and over, and i still do :slight_smile:

tyler serverance his tricks are awesome and he rules every contest he goes to :wink:

Augie because he is just a performer and sterling quinn as well because his tricks are quite tech and I like his style!

I KNEW IT…haha, but I also agree…

Takeshi Matsuura anyone? I respect him for being so good at… 10.

Buko? Her tricks never fail to amaze me… And I heard she retired because she’s too good. :o

Without a doubt it would have to be Mikey Goody.