Post videos of your favorite 5A players!!

In Honor of 5A MAAAAAY I think we should all share some videos!!!

Nate Sutter!!

Such style… He always looks like he’s having a great time… He’s the master of the Butterfly and the Helicopter. And you’ve gotta respect a guy with sideburns like that…

And of course… My favorite yoyoer… Augie Fash…

He’s great… He’s an awesome player and a better preformer. He brings a very fun element to 5A!

I could post WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more but I wanna leave some videos for every one else! Who are your favorites?

this is my video of one of my best friends:

he haven’t been yoyoing as much, but hey, it is still good

Shingo Terada.

And Tomiyuki Watanabe.

Tyler Severance.
Jonathan Robinson.
Dana Bennett.
And Josh’s Stealth 5a video.


The DE 5A video is the best of all time. Period

my fav 5a player is david orveck i couldnt care less that hes not sponsored by yyf BUT HE SHOULD BE! lolz

Wow thanks!  That’s an old video though.  I’m better now.

Anyway i have so many favorite 5a players it would take forever to post them all.  But this has to be one of the best 5a freestyles EVER!

Here are some more  With a responsive yoyo.  That’s how smooth he is.

There are still more but i would be here all day posting them :slight_smile:

Tyler’s freestyle at CA States was good, but with so many mistakes and a yoyo switch, there is no way it is one of the best of all time. And in my opinion, Juan Renteria is nowhere near the level of most players mentioned. His tricks aren’t innovative at all, and he has no chance of making it to finals at worlds. (although the last combo he did was pretty good)

Here are some of my favorite freestyles…

Samm Scott MD States 09, Tyler PNWR 09, Terry Worlds 08, Sterling Quinn Nats 10, Steve Brown Blindfolded, and anybody who won worlds are good too.


I agree with you David about Tyler’s cal states fs being one of the best ever. That last tangler combo was the number one single greatest thing I have ever seen in all my years of yoyoing.

I truly belive that Tyler is the greatest 5a player of all time, and no other player will ever come even close to being as great as him. He is the best. Period.

Same goes for Yuuki and 1a.

As far as execution goes, that might be Tyler’s worst freestyle ever.

Who couldn’t love watching this kid play!

i dont know man… Yeah it wasn’t his best but thats one of my favorite freestyle’s by tyler as well… And as far as Juan he’s pretty BA… I think he’s got mad skill, but he’s like Guy Wright and just doesn’t show it well as far as comps go…

About the whole Tyler thing… The ca state freestyle was not as cool as I think it could be. If he hits those tricks and polises it up before BAC he has a great chance at winning that division. If not he is kinda donefore with Jonrob and Sterling in the running.

As for the videos…

This thread needs some Sterling action. He has such an awesome style with lots of hard and technical tricks. I don’t think the Judges are really able to comprehend how difficult his tricks are.

I also love Jonrob’s nats freestyle. Such a smooth style with complex counterweight movements. It definately wasn’t perfect, but I still enjoy watching the great performance.

Gotta Give Miggy a little cred. for his awesomely innovative tricks

you guys already got most of my other faves so yeah