Worlds Results!!!!

Kentaro wins 3A!!!

Shinji wins 2A!!!

First: Takuma Inoue
Second: MIGGY!
Third: Tyler Severence

Tyler is third? ??? >:(

I’m surprised Auggie didn’t get in the top three I enjoyed him.

Now Kentaro: BEST 3A IVE EVER SEEN (ive only seen 5)

Wow. I didn’t see any of these but did Tyler just not do well or did the others just do better?

I told yall Miggy was gonna kick some tail!


Did the 1a already go down, is it finished? What are the results of that?

Those are tomorrow. Well, the finals.

Sweetness :smiley:

I don’t care what the judges say, Tyler ripped it up. And OMG you need to watch Kentaro’s freestyle. There was a standing ovation and for VERY good reason.

EDIT: For those who don’t know yet, Yuuki didn’t make it into the 1A finals.

Off Topic: Where do you see the freestyles?

It was broadcast live on Stickam and Justin TV.

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I tried to watch Kentaro’s FS on the stream, but I couldn’t see anything it was so blurry.

great i’m fan of 4A and 1A … and can’t wait 1A results!

i can’t believe that yuuki and augie didn’t pass the first round ! but i really wanna see jensen FS !!!

Videos of top 3 players of 2A, 3A and 5A are already here:


1. Shinji Saito (Jap) -
2. Yasushi Furukawa (Jap) -
3. Hiraku Fujii (Jap) -
4. Ryo Yamashita (Jap) -
5. Joseph Harris (USA) -
6. Shuhei Kanai (Jap) -
7. Satoshi Yamauchi (Jap) -
8. Masanori Jodai (Jap) -
9. Kazuyuki Sugimatsu (Jap) -


1. Kentaro Kimura (Jap) -
2. Hiroki Miyamoto (Jap) -
3. Taiichiro Higashi (Jap) -
4. Paul Yath (USA) -
5. Daisuke Shimada (Jap) -
6. Masato Tsumuki (Jap) -
7. Masanobu Iwata (Jap) -
8. Patrick Borgerding (USA) -


1. Takuma Inoue (Jap) -
2. Miguel Correa (USA) -
3. Tyler Severance (USA) -
4. Sterling Quinn (USA) -
5. Samm Scott (USA) -
6. Hideo Ishida (Jap) -
7. Hiroyasu Ishihara (Jap) -
8. Takayuki Kuriyama (Jap) -
9. Makoto Numagami (Jap) -
10. Augie Fash (USA) -

japn domanates 2a only one usa

Make sure everyone watches Ando. I watched him practice and he has some insane material.

My internet is too slow for live streaming so I can’t watch them! I am left in the dark until it is finished!

Matio, I don’t see a video for any of the top videos for 2a, 3a, or 5a. I only see old ones.

I can’t wait for the festivities tonight.

Japan beasted 2A, and 3A. They did well in 5A also.

4A and 1A is USA. Narum and Kimmit.