Kentao's 3A Final / Tyler's 5A Final

This video doesn’t do the performance justice.  It. Was. Insane.  I was sitting next to JonRob during the finals, and through the middle he kept yelling “Game Over, Game Over, It’s a wrap!” and he was right.  Insanity.  Watch it.  In HD.  Now.  Really.  Do it.

And here is Tyler’s 5A final.  Dude was awesome.  Honestly, I thought he had a real shot at 1st.

I was never a big fan of 3A but that was sweet… and the double flop at the beginning!

Man… Tyler is awesome…

Nice shots JM

Oh, sorry I forgot to mention they weren’t my shots. I just pulled them off youtube.

I think Tyler should have gotten first.

He had so much innovation in his performance. All Inoue did was go fast.

Thus, more string hits =/

That whole combo that Kentaro did from 1:40 to 2:10 was amazing!!

3A is one of my faveorite styles that I actually do.
that 3A performance is the best I have seen since BAC.

They were both amazing! :o

Kentao was 40 points ahead of 2nd… That is why I will never 3a.

Wow! 5A looks like so much fun.

if it looks like so much fun buy some counterweights and start practicing

Kentaro is by far the best yoyoer ever. seeing that freestyle live was an honor.

Kentaro is a yoyo GOD