AP 2014 Discussion Thread

(Former National 4A Champion) #1

Anybody watching the live stream?

Finals Qualifiers:

  • Naoya Takeuchi
  • Muhammad Shakeel Mohd Rose
  • Wu Jun Jie
  • Lee Wei Ting
  • Teruo Kameya
  • Ian Loh
  • Jaued Cervas
  • Tatsunori Yoshiba
  • Zhu Sheng-Yong
  • Hobbit Xiao-Wen Wang


  • Shotaro Masuda
  • Sean Hung
  • Tomohiko Zanka
  • Chang Chih Chieh
  • Teruo Kameya
  • Lee Min Woo
  • Dewanta Fachrureza
  • Wee Teng Ee
  • Lin Jia Her
  • Cai Zhi Ming


  • Taiichiro Higashi
  • Chen Kun
  • Teruo Kameya
  • Chen Junhao
  • Jason Kao Chung Chern
  • Chong Yichen
  • Li Tiancheng


  • Shinji Saito
  • Shunsuke Kawakami
  • Shuhei Kanai
  • Hiraku Fuji
  • Tomoyuki Kaneko
  • Yu Kizami
  • Ryuya Kaneko


  • Hiroyuki Suzuki
  • Iori Yamaki
  • Yamato Murata
  • Izuru Hasumi
  • Takahiro Kato
  • Kazuya Murata
  • Marcus Koh
  • Toya Kobayashi
  • Sun Yu Qi
  • Darrell Mitchell
  • Chow Chakron
  • Ikumi Kato
  • Shion Araya
  • Zhao Chen
  • Dong Ruida

Source - https://www.facebook.com/asiapacyoyo

Some videos are already being uploaded here - https://www.youtube.com/user/c3yoyodesign/videos

(Former National 4A Champion) #2

Hard to believe Shinya didn’t make it ???.
I’m also surprised at how low Shion Araya placed considering how clean he went

(Former National 4A Champion) #3

What’s you Top 3 1A Prediction?

Mine is
Chris Chia - 1st
Ahmad Kharisma - 2nd
Hiroyuki Suzuki - 3rd


Predictions are Hajime Miura has enough to place top 3 at worlds based on his I think flawless freestyle this year. You’ll have to see it yourself
Don’t know final results so I’m still rooting for pornpinit sanprasert, shinji saito, Zafran aqil, and Bryan jardin


I’m watching the stream and DANNNNNNG Marcus went really clean unless he messed up which the stream lagged a bit. I really want him to win; time for him to get an AP title ;D


Ahmad Kharisma WON! His freestyle was awesome, so many techy bangers, even though he messed up.


Iori Yamaki should have won


You’re wrong. He shouldn’t have won. Are you saying you know the judges’ job better than them?


It’s extremely hard to be a judge, it’s extremely hard to judge perfectly, no one can judge perfectly. That’s why it’s perfectly fine to criticize the judges’ job. That’s what makes things change. Behind my screen I can see the freestyles with more recoil than the judges, without the fatigue and most of the cons of judging dozens of freestyles in such a big event.

I dare you to say judges never commit any mistakes at all, and judge every single freestyle with a 100% accuracy.


wait, did takeshi matsuura not make it???


He couldn’t take part in the competition


bummer :confused:
He probably wouldve won xD
or at least top 3

(Former National 4A Champion) #13

totally agree. 5a would’ve been a cinch to; there was hardly any competition


I never said that. Ahmad should have won because he is better, he was clean (except for the switch out), and the judges won’t make mistakes often.



I honestly think the gap between Ahmad and Iori in P.ev should have been bigger, therefore I think Iori should have won. It’s not that I don’t like Ahmad or he didn’t do well.


Wait did Peter Pong or any of those C3 guys go?

(Former National 4A Champion) #17

A bunch of C3 players went, just no P-Pong.


No, Iori probably got more points than he deserved. He made a horrible music choice, and he didn’t have great body control, and I don’t get why he had more showmanship than ahmad.


No, you’re wrong. Are you saying you know better than the judges how many points he deserved?


lol you got me. But no, I don’t.