Japan Nationals Discussion?

Results are in:


1.Takeshi Matsuura
Yusuke Otsuka
Yamato Murata
Ryuichi Nakamura
Shion Araya
Akitoshi Tokubuchi
Tatsuya Fujisaka
Kazuki Okada
Ryota Ogi
Masahiro Terada
Iori Yamaki
Toru Miyazaki
Hirotaka Akiba
Toya Kobayashi
Atsunori Tanimoto

Takeshi went pretty clean, though he did use almost the exact same freestyle as last year. I only watched a few others, but his was definitely in the top 2 or 3 from what I saw.

COuld just barely watch the livestream; could only see the first few and Iori having to switch out (ouch), and I think I saw ROyota Ogi do very well

And I was able to see Takeshi’s; And I believe he’s won it (IMO)


The stream last night through a different host was much better. I think that Takeshi won it, although he didn’t pull out any huge new tricks. My favorite finals routine was Toru Miyazaki and my favorite semifinals routine was Ayumu Harada.

Takeshi won guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTFcjFva0I0

Iori had to switch twice I believe also, Ryota Ogi is a giant

Hajime Miura had some really big tricks

Oh i didnt see is there a vid for it?

C3yoyodesign’s YouTube is uploading some vids, Hajime’s 4A is the bomb, he got fourth I think based on the pdf on the jn2015 website and my mediocre understanding of reading all the letters on the scorecards

Hajime got 4th in both 3A and 4A

My favorite players all didn’t do very well except takeshi.
Also, did takeshi use a shake?

palpitation .

I’m so ignorant of Japanese yo-yoers. I know who Takeshi and Ryota are and that’s it.

I have a feeling that Takeshi is hiding his new tricks until WYYC15…

For sure. He has a really good chance of winning.

Results & winner videos: http://yoyonews.com/2015/05/03/2015-japan-national-yo-yo-contest-results-and-freestyle-videos/

It was his styled hair.

He really deserves it

at 0:49 in the video is he balancing it on the nipple in the center? That is really impressive