Who do you think is the best player in these forums?


Who do you think is the best player in these forums?

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Probably Palli


So many amazing players on here, I could never choose one.


I agree that Palli takes the cake here. 4th place at EYYC is quite the accomplishment.

That being said, even Palli doesn’t post much nowadays, so if I was going by “active” members of this community, I’d go with Paul Dang. :slight_smile:


Sanchez, palli, and juliang, oh and all the other professionals on here too.


James Reed, Palli, Paul Dang, Ryan Gee, Sanchez. Just to name a few. We have a lot of amazing players here.

(Owen) #7

Palli, Paul Dang, and back in the day Paulo Bueno used to post lots; he even became an expert. I guess variations of the name “Paul” really like YYE. Paul Dang is prolly the active-est of these doods.

Honorable mentions: Adam Brewster, Zammy, Colin Beckford, and Chase Baxter. They occasionally post but their posts have substance.


Aaron Davis


You guys better think. Have you ever heard of Jake Elliot?

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I thought we were only talking 1A.


Define “best”


please define best and are you speaking of “these forums ONLY”? yoyoexpert??

have you seen all of the people throw their yoyo’s? have you seen me?



Uuuuuh. André.


Oh sorry just normal for me because I do more than 1a

However you think.


I am. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Owen) #16

He’s alright, but I like the people on my list better. His style just seems bland to me. He scores well and does hard tricks, but it’s also just bland.


try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4flSJt8Njc

In my opinion, 5a in general can be pretty bland - just swinging a counterweight around can look bland, but Jake Elliot brings it to a whole new level.


Anybody with “Professional” under their name.

(Rock Shouse) #19

YYEForum has many great yoyo players current, past, and the Legends too! All here on the forum…to pick one would insult the rest!pass…


2nd that. I think the creator takes the cake.