Rate the Yoyo(er)!

I got a cool idea for a Forum Game.
I say the name of a Yoyo, or Yoyoer, and the person below me will rate the Yoyo or Yoyoer on a scale 1-10. Remember, this is just opinion. Not Fact.

Yuuki Spencer.

YYF Primo

CLYW Peak!

Tyler Severance

And so on and so on…
Ill go first:

Guy Wright.

Wait we can only say one thing? like:

Zach Gormley

Zach Gormley, eh?
9.3/10 cause his Moves are SLICK!!!

YYJ Phenomizm

Zack Gormely = Best yoyoer in the world…

9/10 because its fresh!

John ando FTW!

9.9 Because He’s JOHN ANDO!!!

YYF Dv888!

ehh 6

yyj phenom

0/10… Pure Swagga!

Not a typo

Rate: Gizzyo


Can’t spell

Rate- this thread

0/10 because he hates PHENOMS the PHENOMinally fresh yoyo

Jensen Kimmitt

Love you too Q. :stuck_out_tongue:

I felt the burn from here. LOL

10/10 Because…


This thread gets a 5/10
Gizzyo on the other hand gets a 9/10 for being too awesome to describe how awesome he is.
Rate: General-Yo Magnum

Edit: you guys post too fast so I also rate the Pro a 9/10

4/10 it’s so expensive and I don’t like magnum yoyos.

Rate Northstar

8/10 Haven’t throw one yet, but am prob getting one for Christmas.

Rate DM v1

3/10. I don’t really like how it snags and has a loud starburst.

Rate Gnarwhal

0-10 not real

Rate Q

7/10. Helpful sometimes. Sometimes not.

Rate me

You get my leftover points.

Rate life

I hate life.

Rate Pie.