Favorite player?

Sorry if it has been done before, but who is your favorite yoyo player, and why?
Mine would be either Jensen Kimmitt, because of his style, or Andre Boulay, because what’s not to like about him? :slight_smile:

my favorite player would be either Shinya Kido or Christopher Chia

Spencer Berry/Danny Severance. Both just stupidly good. Stupidly Stupidly good.

Yoshi Mikamoto.

Is he related to Tyler?

Paul Han, Yuji S., Jason Lee, Zach Gormley, Augie Fash, Peter Pong Si Yee, and Chris Mikulin.

Yuuki Spencer or John Ando. But that’s not to discredit Chris Chia, Yuji Kelly, Harold Owens, Zach Gormley, Tomas Bubak, etc. etc.

i really enjoy Jason Lee’s play style

Danny is Tyler’s younger brother. And though he doesn’t do much in the contest circuit, his tricks have that flow. It’s amazing to watch.

Anyway, I’m not a big fan of too much tech so Hiroyuki Suzuki and Paul Han for me. Their tricks look simple and easy to the naked eye. And it doesn’t look boring to non-yoyoers. Exciting to me.
But there are lots of great players out there so I can’t just ignore everyone.

Interesting decision for me.

OK, I’ll cop out and say Andre Boulay, mostly because he’s got this site, the training tutorials and I’ve met the guy. I buy from here, I tend to hang out here.

Then there’s Johnny Delvalle. One of the most amazing performances I’ve seen. A total control routine, showing him clearly in a position of absolute and complete control. Met the guy, worked with the guy at BAC, bought from him and will buy from him again as well.

Then there’s Hiroyuki Suzuki. One of the first videos I saw when I decided to get into this. Kinda blew my mind. Plus, I like the yoyos he’s designed, those work really good for me. I can’t play fast like him, probaby never will, but that’s ok.

Having to narrow it down just based on the videos, gotta say JD, hands down.

I don’t like to narrow it down to a single player. I’ve seen so many amazing players in video and in person. Each brings something special to the community.

I’d say Chris Chia. I met the guy at a meet at a Singaporean yoyo store, and man the guy is a BEAST! He is so nice too.

He was preparing for Asia Pacific, and he looked in top form. I think he could take first. He was confident, but was worried about Marcus and Darrell. HIs freestyle seemed reminescent of Marcus’ World Title Freestyle though…

Put me down for Jensen Kimmitt. I think he puts out the most entertaining a comical videos. His competition videos are great, His live performance on that Oh Susana talk show is great and his music videos are personally my favorite. He seems to be the greatest showman / entertainer. He brings a lot more to the game than yoyoing. He also chooses some of the best hiphop music to work with.

If you haven’t seen Danny, your missing out on life really. Has some of the best tricks around.

Plays stock Zeros as well.

Ernest Kahn and Jason Lee

1a: Yuuki Spencer, Tatsuya Fujisaka, Mark Montgomery, Anthony Rojas, Hidemasa Semba, Takahiro iizuka, Darrell Mitchell, Charles Haycock, Sebastian Brock, Sterling Quinn, Bryan Figueroa, Grant Johnson, Hiro Irfune, Palli

Augie Fash, for his pure skill and contest showmanship!

Vashek Kroutil and Marcus Koh.


Jensen Kimmitt. Put on the best 2 shows for worlds 2010 and 2011 and yes someone else said it= he brings a lot more to the table than yoyoing.

Jensen Kimmitt and Janos Karancz are my top 2 at the moment. I absolutely love tech tricks.