Who's your fav thrower?

Tomas Bubak ;D

Not you.

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It used to be jensen kimmit till I saw a couple vids of him doing things I think are bad. So now its Hiroyuki Suzuki (if I spelled it right) or Paul Han

me. How can one love another more then oneself?

Hank Freeman

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’m keeping it real and keeping my expectations low. Plus, it’s easier to follow ME than someone on the internet.

However, let me say this:
I do enjoy Jayyo’s videos and would like to see some of his competition videos. I might have to scour his YouTube channel.

1a. Christopher, Shinya, takahiro Lizuka, HS, Marcus, Darrel Mitchell.
2a. Don’t care
3a. Hank, Minato, Diasuke, and the guy from C3.
4a. Kazuaki Sugimura, Naoto.
5a. Takuma, Drew Tetz, Sam Scott.

This guy ;D
Note: his name is Tie McClellan, He’s sponsored by Big Brother.


K fine…Grant or Yasushi

lol. Jensen’s one of mine. Others include Guy Wright, Zach Gormley, and Austin Peacock. Those are just a few.


Jensen Kimmitt. The commercial one, not the stoner one.

I tend not to watch yoyo videos. But Jensen’s 2010 world yoyo is my fave video. Also john narum was the first professional yoyoer i have ever seen and i really owe watching him to starting to yoyo. Andre Boulay is just amazing with this site and everything he has done for yoyoing. So i guess my order is:

Augie Fash, Ann connolly, Paul Han, Jensen Kimmitt, & John Ando.

nice, i like the yyf team too ;D

That’s a good way to put it. I mean, he’s still the same guy, just more open now that he’s not on any team. Prime example = his recent vids :o

guy wright

the new jensen kimmitt because i think he is hilarious

I remember a thread exactly like this, but I shall give my responce anyway, heh.

André Boulay and Takihiro Iizuka