Favorite Yoyo Player

Dont correct me in spelling Hireki Suzuki because I didnt know how to spell it I tried my best.

Sorry again, but there are a lot of threads like this.

Here is a good one…

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DYonch, you have amazing overview of the forums. Keep it up and you might be eXpert. For all I know, you might be eXpert already.

Addment: Keeping secrets is fun, so let André announce it.

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Haha - Thanks Pheenix!
I’m definitely not the next eXpert though.

JD all the way!!!

I have to agree ;D I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the next expert :smiley:

Btw, its Hiroyuki Suzuki. DYnoch is right, there are lots of threads like this. You can’t choose from just 5 players, a poll is useless. There are over 100 yoyo players.

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Yeah, DYonch, you sure know your stuff! And you know the forum rules very, very well. I wouldn’t be surprised if you would be chosen to be an forum expert sometime soon!

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André Boulay
Johnnie DelValle
Andrew Robinson
Tie McClellan
James Hoher
Luo Yi Cheng
Augie Fash
Eric Koloski
Adam Brewster
Gerard Amento
Boyd Seth
Zach Gormely
Kim-Lan Vo
Mark Montgomery
John Higby
Justin Weber
John Chow
Jonathan Robinson
Tyler Severance
Danny Severance
David Ung
Guy Wright
Elliot Jackson
Sebastian Brock
Vashek Kroutil
Travis Owens
Paul Han
Paul Yath
Gary Couch
Juan Renteria
Miguel Correa

Will be updating as I think of more!

Are those your favorites, or just a list? Because if they are your favourites, you just got Pwned!

Then put an or in between each player :wink:

Lol thats a lot of or’s ;D

John Narum :wink:

Hiroyuki Suzuki

Mikhail, no doubt. The guy’s just incredible.

Augie Fash 5A
Xela 1A
Zammie Crazy 5A

John Ando