Favorite Yoyoer on the Yoyo Expert Forums

Hey! I am difeinently better than…uh.
Crap. Nevermind. lol

3. Apetrunk

Wow! This is more than I expected. Thanks a lot! ;D

Samad! I demand you make a new list and put me on it!
I will find you! lol


and Quinton, i remembered when you started.

=) And I have felt that the community has had my back ever since.
First Impression of me?

Lol nice thread jack. :wink:
Your crazy kid. But a good guy. I haven’t seen you throw though. Still waiting on that vid from you. haha

Your so modest Samad. You are like one of the most respected people on the forums. Everyone knows you at least by reputation. And you do have mad skills to match. ;D

  1. Dacklink
  2. J-Spinn
  3. Josh/Samad


Yes, It was an amazing thread jack. And I have to get my camera working before you get a vid.


I’m not sure why I’m mentioned. I have one video from the summer that wasn’t even very good. Whatever. Thanks guys.

A lot of it is just like from respect. Like I’ve never seen Icthus play but I respect what he’s done and how he interacts in the community. I’ve never seen your video but you do a lot for this forum and you are one of the people I respect a lot and I try to emulate you in a lot the post’s that I write.


Not sure yet, haven’t posted on ehre long enough to see who all posts :x so far I’ve seen augie so I’ll have to go with him for now:)

The only thing is Augie is a sponsored player. Otherwise I’m sure there would be a lot more ed’s listed on this list as well. We trying to keep this to unsponsored players. Just an fyi. Don’t sweat it though man it’s cool. Welcome to the forums by the way. Always good to see new faces. ;D

my bad. Thanks I’m on all the other forums except this one XD haha.

Same here… I’ve put a video of one trick up, lol.
It’s cool that Samad digs it though. He’s on everyone’s list and I’m on his, :P.

I won’t say… ;D

Happy Throwing! =]