Beast yoyoers


Who is the best all around yoyo person
2.Skills of a god
3.Good teachers

(Jei Cheetah) #2

Takahiko Hasegawa.

For anyone who’s been around a while, you know why this is true.


Tyler Goldenberg
Connor Swan
Kyler Yazzie
The Miggy Migs
John Hubber (YYF)



  1. Me
  2. Myself
  3. I

(Jei Cheetah) #6

And people say I’m full of myself?


K-Strauss LOL ;D :smiley:


yea, I didn’t say I wasn’t :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

tbh, you seem to get better these days, more relaxed and laidback. I always liked you, don’t get me wrong. I’m only honest with people I appreciate and respect, people I find intelligent enough to understand that criticism is not a personal attack.

you know we gotta meet at some point in the future? can’t wait!

that said, I’m a beast and I’m a yoyoer, unfortunately not the two together


dude that was funny me, myself and i was very funny


Gentry Stein he was nice when I talked to him at least.


augie fash is one of my favorite yoyoers and while I haven’t met him in person, (I haven’t met any major competing throwers in person) he seems like a pretty nice guy. On the same note however andre boulay has some pretty sweet skills and is an amazing teacher, I mean he taught me almost everything I know :wink:


Seth Peterson
Takeshi Kamisato
Drew Tetz
Adam Brewster
Augie Fash
Brandon Jackson
Mark Allen
John Higby

There are more but I’m not posting all 50 or so.

(Big Mike) #13

Andre and Augie are both really good answers, two of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

(Jei Cheetah) #14

Should Mention YOSSHI


I will now explain my post. Just like the best yoyoer or best company or best tea or best car, There isn’t one. Please stop asking who is the best.