Who do you admire from yoyofactory ::slight_smile:

The yoyoer you mean?
vashek kroutil, shinji saito and kentaro kimura.

Tyler severance

jensen kimmit, tyler severance, and Victor gravitsky

I don’t.

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Actually I have to edit this and take back what I said earlier.

The only person I have admired out of Yoyofactory is Augie because of his big heart and passion for throwing AND maturity. He isn’t back stabbing or a behind the back talker like some people in that company.



Their throws are amazing

Thanks for those positive contributions to this thread.

I admire ben, and hauns.
Mainly for there longevity in the comunity. :slight_smile:

The respect is mutual.

yuuki spencer

Tyler Severence and Augie Fash are relatively nice people.

I think that Augie is awesome. Otherwise most of the players seem to point whoreyish to me. Augie is a performer, which is why I really enjoy him. I could write pages about why I enjoy him, but let’s leave it at that.

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They all seemed pretty cool at Cal-States.
Will Ann ever get a signature model?

I admire the lot of them. Some of them I haven’t met yet, and some I’d call the best of my yoyo friends.

Hope you folks know who you are 8)

Wow. lol I actually read that as desire not admire. lol I think Augie and his uplifting attitude is top notch.
Also Miggy’s friend to all attitude is also refreshing. Also Patrick Mitchell. He’s just cool.

Augie for sure, and Miggy and Tyler are both pretty great guys. Also, Mikey Mota from the protege team is an awesome dude.

You guys are crazy! Augie is awesome, but Paul Han and Patrick Mitchell were two of the nicest guys I met all weekend!

augie fash ann colenny yukki spencer

Ann and Joe are really Helpful people. And Evan Nagao and Tyler Severance are fun to talk to and Nice Guys. Augie is also a really chill guy. I also admire YYF’s packaging and their Throws. Great Company!
-Cody Approved! :smiley: