who is your roll model in the yoyo world?


mine are Blake Freeman, Alec Campbell, and MOMO/Ethan Wong Wing Hang


I strive to know as much as Ed, play as well as Samm Scott and Anthony Rojas, and be as nice as Paul Dang.

That middle one is probably the least likely.




chuck for sure. he’s such a big inspiration to me and a great innovator.


Doctor popular


I wish I was half as cool as John Higby.


That’s easy…Andre Boulay. ;D

Not many people have contributed as much to our community as Andre.


There are so many where do i even begin?

Harold Owens III, Matthew Donovan, Ho Swee Jim (This guy is possibly my favorite yoyoer. Period), Andre Boulay, Eric Koloski, Tessa Piccillo, Palli, Arthur Foley, Marcus Koh, etc.

They are probably LOADS more but these are the people who came into my head at this instant




My top two favorite are Andre Boulay and Gentry Stein


André definitely, I have started yoyoing from his tutorials.


John Chow, Shinji Saito, Shu Takada, Stephen Langley, Kentaro Kimura, Hank Freeman, Ben Conde, Naoto Okada, Rei Iwakura, Sean Perez, Ryota Torigoe, Sora Ishikawa, JonRob, Takuma Inoue, and Bryan Jardin

So… Can anyone guess the pattern?


1a players, 2a Players, 3a Players, 4a Players, 5a Players?


Andre Boulay & Mike Montgomery :slight_smile:


Mark Mangarin and Harold Owens are my absolute idols

(H.J.Fras) #16

Aaron Davis, Charles Haycock, André Boulay, and of course John Higby!


Ann Connolly I freakin love her she my inspiration and Andre boulay if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t been yoyoing and also adam bottiglia.



Robert Maskos, Andrew Donnelly, Waylon Crase, Josh Rodriguez, Josh Yee, Chris Rhoads, Ian Stewart, Chris Barnes, Wesley Cheng, Kyle Thomason, Landon “Manufacturer” Baulk, Mike Shaak Jr and about 60 others!


Sometimes I’ll be walking along a mountain path and a crazy gnome will push a largish boulder on my head. With a severe concussion and mild delirium, sometimes I find myself daydreaming in wonderment about Robert Maskos and his magical fairy tale powders.

But when I have full brain function: me.