Your Top 3 YoYo "Heroes"

What are you top 3 yoyoers?

YoYoers that inspire you to keep learning and YoYoers that you look up to. Or just anyone you would like to give thanks to that have supported your yoyoing.

Heres my top 3 in no particular order.

  1. Ed Haponik. Ed is a great guy and is incredibly generous. I find you can always go to Ed with a question and he will do the best he can to give you the answer you want and then a little more. Ed has majorly influenced my yoyoing in a great way. He is just an overall fantastic guy that you can always rely on. Dont mean to pressure you Ed! :wink:

  2. Everyone here on the YoYoExpert Forums. This is by far the friendliest yoyo communities. You can ask any question and nearly everyone will pitch in to give you an answer. Everyone here is friendly and reliable (for the most part) person. Its just a great place to come hang out and talk about yoyos!

  3. Probaly my mom. Yes, cheesy and corny I know. But she has bought me so much stuff that I wanted when I just didnt have the money. I cant tell you how many times she has covered the shipping when I was just that 5 bucks short. She takes me to all the compititions and without her credit cards I couldnt buy any yoyos online! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

So id like to thank those 3 for influencing and helping me tremendously in my yoyoing. Thanks!

And special thanks to Ed for the Addiction! Im loving it more and more! Its my new favorite throw!

mine are :

5A Juan Renteria

1A Guy Wright

4A Rei Iwakura

Zach Gormely

Juan Renteria

Charles Haycock

Many players to list here…

André Boulay.
He is an amazing yoyoer, and he inspired me to start yoyoing. His tutorials also made me the player that I am today. While he is not my favorite player at some times. If you asked me for an all-time favorite, it would be him.

What Connor said.
This is the best forum in the world. If it weren’t for all you awesome people, I probably wouldn’t be yoyoing. I feel so lucky I found this site before YoYoNation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also what Connor said (sorry I’m copying your answers), but my dad also. They both bought me my first yoyos, a PGM and a KickSide. To this day, they’re happy they did, and realized how fun a simple toy that goes up and down can be. They also still give me occasional yoyos, and some money to buy yoyos. They rock!

John Narum for getting me started and helping me throughout my Yoy-yoing career.

Andre Boulay for Making this Site and the videos.

Dazzling Dave for Hosting all MN yoyo events and being a great guy.

I don’t think i would narrow it down to three. :-\

But i’d have to a say Guy wright, Charles haycook (i don’t know if it’s haycook or haycock) Doctor popular.

Awesome Guys.

Anyone else?

1 Andre boulay
2 Yukki spencer
3 Jhon robinson

Takahiko Hasegawa.

Awesome guy, he has helped spread yoyoing more than anyone I can think of in Japan.
Awesome performer, such an awesome personality, and revolutionary yoyoer with his soloham stuff. Really under-appreciated by many it seems.
Awesome yoyoer.

Shingo Terrada.

My inspiration for 5A.
Creator of e-fan and beesting, doesn’t get much cooler than that eh?
Smoothest 5A player you will ever see freestyle, awesome style and flow.
Super cool yoyoer.

Ross Pascual.

My earliest yoyo inspiration.
He had a style and stage presence like nobody else, and every freestyle was awesome.
Amazing performer.



Nemo Concepcion

Steve Brown

Frank Orben


Here are my top three

Nate Sutter
John Higby
Tyler Severance

Now for each style

1A Guy Wright
2A Shinji Saito
3A Kentaro K.
4A John Narum
5A Tyler Severance

Darn, I almost forgot about Nate. Nate is a really great guy too, He can be my number 4 haha.

Hey! No one has wrote Samad yet lol.

That loser? No way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Brent Dellinger. He came to my school and got me all started.
André. You can guess why. Awesome site, awesome tutorials. Got me kind of back into yoyoing.
My communications teacher. If he wouldn’t have turned down my first idea for a speech, I never would have gotten back into yoyoing.

1.john ando
2.augie fash
3.yukki spencer


Rei Iwakura

Eric Koloski

Tyler - Because we chat in Facebook :D, 2 Times, And he said he’s preparing for upcoming Nats :smiley:

(When I ask him if he compete both 1A and 5A, Answer… “mmmmmhhhmmm” :D).

Ryosuke Iwasawa - He answer to my questions too, I ask one on what String does he use. (Because I’m wandering What string does he use for his “No Words” Lacerations and Hooks. :smiley:

But he just replied to me and He only said… YYN Highlights Nothing Special  :o Take a look!

Hiroyuki Suzuki - He was My inspiration :D, He was the first Player that I’ve seen playing 1A (In YouTube), Because I was searching of videos of Yo-yoing. (When I’m starting throwing :D)

~Matthew :slight_smile:

Mark Montgomery - His tricks make him look like the master of the Universe. It doesn’t look like his hands are moving the yoyo around, he is asking the yoyo to move and it just does.

Ed Haponik - Because he’s Supersonic

André - I’m totally sucking up here ;D… He has done an awesome job with this site and things are just getting better.

1.Vashek Kroutil
3.Mark Montgumry(spelling?)

Well, thats tough… first off I’d have to say my big brother…

When I was little he was the one who gave me a yoyo and tought me tricks like walk the dog and rock the baby… He thinks its crazy because he though he was a yoyo pro and now I can yo circles around him…

Then I’d have to say Mickey, he’s not my favorite player but it was a Mickey video that made me go "Whoa, if yoyo’s can do that… " and made me dig out my F.A.S.T. 201 and pick up the hobby again.

Then lastly, I’d have to say Augie, as Im getting more advanced in my play he’s been the one to inspire me to keep practicing… I just love his style… Mainly his whips and slacks… (Check the Motion Sickness video and you’ll see why)

Then the list goes on, yanno, you guys, and Andre and ect. ect. ect.