Most Well Rounded in the Yo-Yo Industry?

I’m curious who you guys think is one of the most well rounded people in the yo-yo industry, someone who has done all they can to take yo-yoing to the next level, always puts their best foot forward, and excels at almost everything they have tried in their career. I’m a big fan of Andre Boulay, and I’d vote him the most well rounded. I’m impressed with his yo-yo skills, the business and brand he started and made successful, his willingness to help the sport grow and teach others as he is very well respected as a teacher, he excelled at designing and promoting his signature throws, and he judges others at competition. I like all that he has done in his yo-yo career…and I believe that someone shows a passion for the sport when they want to contribute in so many different ways. If a guy can amaze you playing with a yo-yo, start a successful yo-yo business, teach others well, design a fantastic yo-yo, and critique others in a way that is so well received, and so much more…clearly a winner.

so tell me who you think is well rounded in the industry…

I would say Hiroyuki Suzuki, because he has inspired many people to start yoyoing and has helped yoyojam with some of their yoyos. He has also created his own line of yoyos.

I knew someone would mention him…I appreciate his contributions as well.

I have loved Andre Boulay from the start. :slight_smile:

Same reasons as you Totalartist.

Awesome! And he’s a nice guy to top it off.


I’m excited to meet him someday!

Dude, he’s at pretty much every New England contest. You should totally come and compete! It’d be awesome seeing you there!! As for most rounded thrower, I gotta go with Andre. He’s great and does everything involving yoyos.


I’m going to MA states this year, and the Austism fundraiser.

I hope to compete!

Good idea for a post!

There is absolutely no doubt that Andre Boulay has helped alot of people get into yoyoing and offering to teach tricks and sell yoyos through this site. He’s been so valubale to the community it’s crazy.

Someone else worth mentioning is Guy Wright. He’s not only one of my most favorite yoyoers but he was doing freestyle yoyoing, suicides, and all kinds of stuff before it was cool and popular. He’s truly an innovator and an inspiration.

Someone else that HAS to be mentioned is Jensen Kimmitt. The dude is a legend. His 2010 Worlds performance received 1 million views, the highest ever for a yoyo video by a longshot as far as I know. His tricks were so innovative and differrent, that’s why everyone loved him. He is by far my favorite yoyoer and keeps on inspiring new trcks of mine, and Im sure he got other people into yoyoing and helped them realize it was cool. His videos were different and new. No one has ever seen a yoyoer like him, he’s practically aa legend. Too bad he fell off the radar, but I wish him the best of luck in his ventures and hope to see him return again.

My 2 cents.

Great topic!

i’m going to go with Augie Fash ( if he hasn’t been mentioned yet)

Such a rad guy!

EDIT : So many people are giving real answers, so I figured I would elaborate a bit more.

If it weren’t for augie, and his attitude toward everything, I wouldn’t have a positive attitude towards the community. The dude is just too nice.

Jensen, because even if lots of people have mixed feelings about him, he inspired many to pick up yoyoing. And he’s just awesome.

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I was thinking about this topic because there aren’t many I can think of who have been involved in the sport from so many different angles, and done well at all of the things they tried.

Just a hypothetical. It would be like a guy who is a music artist and played in a band where his skills got a lot of attention, he went on to start a solo career and recorded records achieving high sales, he was successful at that, then began teaching at a music college where he was well regarded and inspired so many other musicians. Then he started his own record label that is very successful,and became a world renowned music critic and judge at music competitions.

I think that guy in the industry of yo-yoing is Andre and I can’t think of many who have played all those angles and done so well at it. Just like the guy in the hypo lives and breathes music…Andre seems to live and breathe the yo-yo stuff. His career has taken such a natural progression…and he’s still a young man. I just can’t imagine with all the life he has left what he will do next…I can’t wait to see. Of all the names above, I respect all the contributions, but well rounded, they have to do a lot of different things in the same industry.

Improving on my post before, Andre (as I said), I also think Markmont and Augie. Such great throwers and overall guys!

While Andre gets my top vote, I’m going to also say that I’ve noticed Nick Gumlaw tackling some different angles in the industry. I’ve seen some trick videos of him playing that are awesome, he started Spin Dynamics, and he judges too. I’ve also seen him helping the kids with tricks at A2Z, instructing at the local store in this area. I’ve seen him more on the local scene here, but in terms of “well rounded” he sure seems to be playing different angles in his yo-yo career.

Also Dan Dietz is a young guy who is inspiring a lot of yo-yoers with his tricks, very popular guy , involved in charity work, has a great signature throw out there, I see him instructing kids…and he’s still a very, very young guy…

While I think no one is even nipping at Andre’s heels in this area…there are some guys who have the potential to play a lot of angles in their career and do well with it. I think Andre is a great inspiration for someone who wants to not just have a career, but progress in the career. He has done well at everything he’s tried.

I think for my vote it would be Andre` as well. I have come to know him pretty well and he lives yoyos. Not too many peole out there can say that and I am sure MANY people would LOVE to say that. He is one of the hardest working ppl I know. His passion and dedication to yoyoing is a HUGE part of where yoyoing is and where it will go in the future. Id also like to give a shout out to Nick Gumlaw as not only is he a good friend but he is also very involved in not only the growth of yoyoing but in the business and contest side of it as well. Oh yea and Totalartist I LOVED your song “throw your throws up” especially your shout outs to Western MA yoyoing aka A2Z and Dogbite you are right on when you say Northampton is where it is at!!!


Thanks a lot, great post too! I’ll be in touch…

I completely agree with the decisions of Andre, Jensen, and Mickey, I also like to add a few more reasons to why these guys are on the list

However there are certain other players I’d also like to recognize.

Shinji Saito: 12 time world Champion (not including titles in the 3 combined division titles he’s won), his yo-yoing has set up a legend and a legacy within the world yo-yo contest “hall of fame” so to speak. He’s become the yo-yoer that everyone knows and if you look up 2A, he’s most likely to show up with Alex Garcia.

Ben McPhee and Yo-Hans: Sure, there are some of those that bag on YoyoFactory but let’s be honest. Yo-Hans started off as a yo-yo guy that just did little shows and such but still a legendary pro. He and Ben built YoyoFactory up from the ground and got it to where it is today. Also, Ben’s a boss at 2A

Josh Yee: The name any yo-yoer in America has heard at least once in their journey. A player that’s good enough to be sponsored, he chose to reject that offer and people question that decision. He’s a player who really helps the community directly as much as he can through his own resources and ability. Don’t forget that Josh aims to be good in every professional style of yo-yoing so if they ever bring back the combined division, he’s a contender.

John Ando and SHAQLER: These guys revolutionized on stage Team Yo-yoing, nuff’ said through that they have become so close that not many of them compete alone on stage much anymore.

Dr. Yo-yo (Chris Allen): He’s a guy that has influenced this community so much. As a professional yo-yoer, business office worker, but most importantly a Father, he has shown that you can balance responsibilities and your hobby as an adult. His news site has helped so many new and advanced players and his review has set the standards on what a professional review is like. Thank You Chris Allen!

The 5 Grandmasters: Nuff’ Said

Zammy Ickler: The philosophical punk rocker looking yo-yoer of Wisconsin! Always trying to come up with fresh and new 1A that are technical and simple. Despite not being much of a competitor, he has become one of the most influential yo-yoers in the community in terms of attitude.

Brett Grimes (spelling?): The yo-yo player who works in the shoe store. His strive to keep learning and teaching lands him a spot on pro teams despite not being a competitor. Just like Mickey, he created his own company. But before that, he has given the community plenty of opportunities to try out new yo-yos and teach new players the ins and outs of the community.

Andre: Creating such a community friendly forum allows new players to easily get into yo-yoing without frustration and rage quitting while being a pro player.

Mickey: Mickey is a character. His style (fashion included) has evolved over the years into something that’s completely BA and full of swag…the good kind. He kinda defines the saying “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” All his signature series yo-yos are also different with each model with the idea to fit every player, not just players with similar tastes to his own. Then he starts a company and single-handedly creates so much hype thanks to his reputation.

Jensen Kimmitt: The Man with the beard and the Canadian of mystery. Pulling off a perfect 2010 season, and pulling off a nearly flawless world champion freestyle. Like any great artist, his winning style has caused so many players to want to copy him and now almost all players have a little bit of him. Also, like any great artist, he fell into emotional depression and quit his professional career, yo-yoing only as a hobby. His depression helped the community see this great sport more as an art and we shouldn’t take it so seriously. Then he finally pulled off a disappearing act, leaving no more evidence of his yo-yoing online and is now a complete legend


I expected to see Brett Grimes make the list. I’m not as familiar with the progression of his career, but saw videos, work on yo-yos, yo-yo making, sponsored player and the site stuff…saw him with different things going on…

Also, Ben McPhee I thought I’d see long before now…just as a “mover and shaker” in the industry on the business side of things and such…

While I don’t think J.D. is high on the list of well rounded, I thought someone else would have mentioned him by now with the playing, business and signature yo-yos out there…

I am surprised that nobody brought up Taka!
Takahiko has been active in the yoyo scene since the days of the hyper yoyo and even before.

He literally is the reason why many of the top players from Japan we have now even picked up a yoyo in the first place. He has trained up so many great yoyo players and he still continues to be the force behind the next wave of Japanese yoyo players.

You can see his love for yoyoing and love for children with his yoyo classes and training. Players such as Takeshi Mattsura and Ginji are here today because of Taka and I feel many dont realize this.

He has run the spingear store for years, donated tons of time and money into the growth of the Japanese yoyo scene, and of course, the developer of the Soloham style of offstring, and was one of the greatest innovators of the 4A style at its very first starts.

I highly look up to Taka as a player and individual, and I can only dream to accomplish half of what he has done for the yoyo world.


Takahiko Hasegawa!!! I forgot about him. He helped revolutionized artistic performance with yo-yos IMO. Definitely deserves to be up there